District History

The first district name used was Wilmington which covered New Hanover, Pender & Brunswick Counties. The second was Fayetteville which, by the 1940’s, became Northern. Western, which was formed on October 1, 1936, is the oldest district name still in use. Neither the territory of Western District nor that of Central has changed much since they were formed. Central was a name change from the Lumberton District which was listed as one of the six districts in February 1941.

A Bladen-Columbus District was mentioned in the Wilmington Morning Star of April 7, 1933. The Bladen County District was formed on March 1, 1939. Bladen and Columbus Counties have also used South Central District, Middle District and Lakes District as names. South Central may also have been used by Columbus County alone. The Waccamaw District is Columbus and Bladen Counties today.

By 1969 there are 4 district names in use, Western, Central, Waccamaw and Coastal.

In October 1947 the Wilmington District became the Coastal District when Pender broke away to form the Pender District. This district merged back into Coastal in early 1957.

On October 13, 1999 the council board approved the splitting of Coastal District into three newly named districts effective January 1, 2000. The three new districts were Masonboro, Northeast Cape Fear and Brunswick.

Today the council operates with 6 districts; Western, Central, Lakes, Masonboro, Northeast Cape Fear and Brunswick.

During the 1950’s and until sometime in 1968 each of the four council districts also had a division with a division committee to oversee African-American Scouting.

Wilmington First council district, composed of New Hanover, Pender & Brunswick
Fayetteville Second district, composed of Cumberland & parts of Hoke & Robeson
Western Third district, formed 10/1/36, Scotland & Hoke plus Maxton & Red Springs
Bladen-Columbus Mentioned in Wilmington Morning Star 4/7/1933
Bladen County Formed 3/1/39
Central Bladen & Columbus Counties
South Central Bladen & Columbus Counties
Middle Bladen & Columbus Counties, name used in 1960
Pender County Formed 10/15/47, merged back into Coastal in early 1957
Lakes Bladen
Coastal Same territory as Wilmington District, name change 10/16/47 without Pender
Waccamaw Columbus
Masonboro Southern part of New Hanover County
Northeast Cape Fear Northern part of New Hanover County plus Pender County
Brunswick none
Notes: An article in the Wilmington Sunday paper of March 31, 1940 states that the council has 6 districts.
(5/4/09) compiled by: R. O. Walton, Jr


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