Northeast Cape Fear

Northeast Cape Fear

District Chairman: David Criser 

District Commissioner: Larry Greer

District Executive: Luke Woodcock (910) 470-7003

District Roundtable meetings will be held at McClure Presbyterian Church, located at 5908 Castle Hayne Road. We will continue to meet on the FIRST Tuesday of every month. Roundtables begin at 6:30pm with a gathering of all, to share council and district news. Then we split up into our Cub Scout Roundtable and Boy Scout Roundtable.   ALL unit leaders are invited and asked to attend the Roundtable meetings.  Please be sure to have a representative from your unit there to hear all the important information and other updates regarding scouting news across the Northeast District and the Cape Fear Council.

District Committee Meeting
District Committee meetings will be held at McClure Presbyterian Church, located at 5908 Castle Hayne Road. We will meet on the THIRD Tuesday of every month beginning at 6:30pm. District Chairman, David Criser, has asked that all District Committee members attend these meetings and inform us if you will be unable to attend.

Good Turn for America
This is a way for us to record service hours that each of you are already doing. Please log your hours in so we can see how which units are doing service and well our district is doing in service work hours. Remember, at the District Banquet in February every unit that has registered hours within the past year, will receive their Good Turn for America ribbon.

If you have questions or need your unit’s id number or password, please contact our GTFA District Chair, Sarah Jackson at 919-738-9057.


Thank you everyone who attended the Conclave event and a special thanks goes out to Tommy Wallace for providing his outstanding leadership for this event!

 Spring Camporee

Spring Camporee is coming up this weekend so make sure all of your forms have been turned in so your scout can come in ready to have a great campout. Special thanks to Todd Brohaugh and Gregory Miller for their help in running this event

Leader Nomination Forms

*Please note that all nominations must be submitted by January 1st to Mark Hollifield, NECF Awards and Recognition Chairman.  (or to DE Chris and he can get it to Mark)

Cub Leader of the Year Nomination

Boy Scout Leader of the Year Nomination

Venture Leader of the Year Nomination

Cape Fear Award

Spark Plug Award

 Wall of Honor


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