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According to their research, “Tater tots, zucchini fries, and onion rings were not included, since they are not single cuts from a whole potato. It could just be years of conditioning telling us that this is what a French fry is supposed to taste like, but years later, after many cycles of the McRib appearing and vanishing and even recipe changes, when they're right, they're still righter than just about any fry out there. But, game still recognizes game. I dare you to tell me it didn’t improve the quality of your life. Other chains have adopted the seasoned curly fry, but Arby’s was there from the beginning, and they should get rewarded for it. Yeah, giving Chick-fil-A's fries the bronze will come with some furious backlash, but it's undeserved. for fries unless it involves chili and/or liquid cheese. There's no doubt: french fries are one of America's favorite foods. The last of the crinkle-cut run. SHARE. French fries, a.k.a. Wendy's former fries weren't anything to write home about (trust us, we've had plenty of French fries correspondence over the years), but they were perfectly pleasant and paired delightfully with being shoved into a Frosty. Wendy's made a bold move to "natural-cut" fries with "sea salt" several years back, possibly in an effort to convince patrons they were at a farmers market rather than a chain restaurant with more than 6,500 locations. The title of fifth most-popular fast-food french fries goes to Arby's. There’s always a good amount of salt on Sonic’s fries, but no amount of sodium can save them. Maybe it's a matter of defensiveness after so much character assassination at the hands of Jon Stewart years ago (no, we're not over it). These fires were never meant to be anything other than tasty waffle fries that pair nicely with a stupidly good chicken sandwich. However, when it comes to french fries, a lot of people are pretty picky. 2020 Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. You could wring out a cup of Five Guys fries and have enough oil to fry a whole new batch. French fries are arguably one of the most popular hits that bring people up to the drive-thru window. Fast food taco joints rarely have fries, so when they do they usually are an afterthought. Sonic You’ve watched the […] You can watch the video below. But you do you, BK French fry taste-test aficionados. Curly fries are criminally underrated, and the roast beef king has them on lock. Image via Flickr/Quazie. If I missed any restaurant you were curious about, just let me know in a comment at the bottom of the page. This was a one-dog race from the start. These fries tend to skew just slightly more towards well-done than the two counterparts above, which may or may not say something about fry preference. They’re the real unsung heroes here. We'll even give Taco Bell a pass for acting like "Nacho Fries" are some kind of innovation when Midwesterners have been plowing through cups of cheese with fries for generations. In general, I’m torn between the seasoned Checkers/Rally’s fries and either Chick-Fil-A’s waffle fries or Arby’s Curly Fries. Honestly, the mix-and-match drinks menu is really where it shines. They’re thick enough to get that dualistic crunch-to-mush factor, and always well-salted. French fries are arguably one of the most popular hits that bring people up to the drive-thru window. Whether it’s due to years of trial and error, or the roster of food scientists on the payroll spraying potatoes down with 18 additional ingredients—everyone knows McDonald’s fries would be nothing without that signature sodium acid pyrophsphate twang—fast-food restaurants have built fiercely loyal followings based on their fries alone. And don't get us wrong, despite the company's less-than-appetizing track record on LGBTQ equality, Chick-fil-A is objectively delicious. Speaking of Blizzards, order one of those instead of these fries. I’ve spent the last few weeks waiting for my holiday food coma to wear off, putting all of my effort, between naps, into cataloguing the best of the best, my own Top 10 Fast Food French Fry list. Nutrition per regular size: 260 calories, 14 g fat (5g saturated fat, 1 g trans fat), 570 mg sodium, 30 g carbs, 2 g fiber, 0 g sugar, 3 g protein Ingredients: N/A Appearance&Consistency: These were thin, stringy, and not too greasy. First, the thin, lacy, heavily seasoned, and spiced batter coating of the fries creates a failsafe crispiness. They're cheap, and no one can resist a salty, crispy, deep-fried potato. I’ve always hated McDonald’s fries for the same reason I’ve always hated the New England Patriots—rooting for the winner is boring. I don’t respect a place that manages to fry up the most pale, least crispy fry of all time. Kill your idols, I guess. To help you celebrate, Aceable narrowed down the top 10 fast food french fries you need to eat on National Fast Food Day. Bonus point: Arby’s horsey sauce—AKA horseradish aioli (what do words even mean, anyway)—is the perfect fry condiment. Since we can all hopefully agree that fast-food fries are the best in the world, they deserve to be scrutinized just like all the other best foods in the world—with complete pedantic abandon, until we’ve over-analyzed so much that we wind up resenting them. You're going there for the big, beefy burgers, but the fries are deserve a sizable share of the heat lamp limelight. More specifically, gloriously coiled potato fragments bathed in some nuclear-orange spice concoction that boldly states "it's time for your taste buds to party." The Best Fast Food French Fries. Here we’ll be Ranking the Top 10 Fast Food French Fries From Worst To Best. Which leaves us here. continually reformulating and trying to find their way. SHARE. The standard seasoning isn’t great, possibly because they overcompensate by having flavors like Parmesan Cheese ‘n Herbs available for an. I will never, ever, in my entire life understand why more people don’t roast Five Guys for their bad fries. It’s hard to rank an aggressively seasoned fry like this any higher though. While they're perceived as the cheeseburger's sidekick, they're often the chief substance a lonely soul idling through a fast food drive-thru is craving. And I’m docking points for Shake Shack trying to exploit that. Also, any extra carb-related eating at Popeyes should be reserved for more biscuits. lifestyle; food; restaurants & bars; Tasted and tested: Australia’s best fast food fry revealed. Even the people who don’t eat fast food regularly probably can’t resist a fry here and there. Anyone who claims that ordering them “well-done” can somehow save these single-fried, undersalted, mealy excuses for french fries is either delusional or just really, really dumb. Which are many. However, as perfect as fries may sound, they are still a bit too ephemeral and differ significantly from one restaurant to another. You can dip them in your mashed potatoes to throw yourself off before you can think about it any further. The King makes a perfectly fine french fry. And that's precisely what we have here, a solid (again, crinkle-cut) French fry that isn't going to steal the show, but also does a fine job of dispatching any additional Cane sauce your chicken fingers left behind. There's a reason these are the fries other places taste-test against when they want to say, "I'm telling you, our fries are really good!" At Thrillist, we've consumed many a Beef 'n Cheddar with not a single unfortunate digestive incident to speak of. US daily death total jumps to almost 2,000. Some are crispy, while others are hard enough to use as a spoon for your Blizzard. But, for every story like McD’s, whose fries have remained almost exactly the same for half a century, you have other places like Wendy’s, who are continually reformulating and trying to find their way. When I'm talking fries, I mean “fine” fries. But they do them relatively well. If you took the frozen bag of Del Taco crinkles and dropped them in a Shake Shack fryer, no one would tell the difference. This is the quintessential fast-food fry. But considering how frequently and consistently they return to the menu -- most recently, with a spicy new twist -- we're confident about including them for evaluation, despite their temporary status. Cool, so let’s get to it. French-fried potatoes are the featured side dish at nearly all fast-food chains, and at many sit-down restaurants as well. Carl's Jr./ Hardee's two-names-in-one-chain phenomenon, so much character assassination at the hands of Jon Stewart. They don’t function like fries exactly—you’re going to have to sacrifice a whole lot of crunchiness—but the nuclear flavor bomb packed into their seasoned batter more than makes up for it. Maybe the locations I’ve been to are terribly run, or maybe the kid dropping the fries was just extra stoney on every day I’ve been there, but all the fries I’ve eaten from Five Guys have been burnt, soggy, and completely saturated with oil. They also have "Crispy Curls." Now they have this odd, barely-present-but-definitely-there artificial taste that seems off, visible flecks of potato skin notwithstanding. National Fast Food Day is here! But it's also hard to shake the specter of frozen Ore-Ida mishaps when consuming them, and when crinkle-cut fries are bad (read: underdone), they're really bad -- bland potato mush. We're not sure what exactly the secret is, but we swear there's almost a roasted flavor to them. It’s a crime against waffle fries, frankly. French fries are arguably one of the most popular hits that bring people up to the drive-thru window. If you live anywhere outside of West Coast states, it'll take you a while to catch on to the travesty that is In-N-Out Burger's French fries. Not anymore though — there appears to be a new king of the fast food french fry on the block. They're cheap, and no one can resist a salty, crispy, deep-fried potato. Here is a definitive ranking of the best fast-food french fries. They’re solid enough, but just not nearly as exciting as some onion rings. If food writers ever want to spark a bit of viral warfare, all they need to do is publish a ranking of the best (and worst) french fries from America's top fast-food restaurants.. They're sneaky addictive. It’s a noble cause to cut the potatoes fresh in the restaurant, and I have nothing but love and respect for their burgers and corporate ethos, but their fries are just plain sad. A&W: first in root beer, seventh in fries. Del Taco’s fries and Shake Shack’s fries are almost completely identical. The Cost Guys have put together a list of the most popular fast-food fries in every state, using data from Google Trends searches within the last five years. Taste Test: The Best Fast-Food French Fries Wilder Shaw 7/8/2019. Then we remembered we'd get to eat said fries from more than a dozen fast food chains. You can scour the ingredients list looking for the secret to that intense savoriness, but deep inside, you always knew it was MSG. You’re here for the CrissCut (registered trademark) fries. And it might not come as a surprise, but according to The Cost Guys' data, the most-searched fast-food fries in every state except Wyoming were McDonald's fries. These are just some good-old-fashioned crappy fries. The chain makes spectacular waffle fries that are orders of magnitude better than many other fries out there, but face it, it's not even the best thing on the southern chain's menu (the chicken sandwich ). The fast-food chain popular for its meaty sandwiches earned 11% of the votes in this survey. A Definitive Ranking of Fast-Food French Fries. nothing but love and respect for their burgers, throw crinkle cut fries into a chicken soft taco. KFC is not, because its potato wedges were deemed ineligible for the French fry category by our esteemed committee. Best French Fries – 2019 Fast Food Power Rankings. We grabbed nine different fast food French fries to try, and then tasted them live on Facebook. I will (mostly) respect your decision even if it’s different than mine. They rank among the world’s greatest inventions and our love of them is perhaps the one thing that binds the human race together. There’s no single reason either; they’re just bad. We all know that fries are one of the cornerstone foods of fast food and for more than half a century, McDonald's has been the undisputed favorite when it comes to the fried spuds. Or, you could just eat a bunch of Popeyes fries. We've written about them at length. They are worth your time, although if you decide to forego them in favor of more chicken, it's an understandable move. Today we go to different restaurants such as mcdonalds, popeyes, in n out, wendys and more to see who makes the best french fries Who makes the best wings? Definitely go ranch though. And they probably are. FIRST WE FEAST participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means FIRST WE FEAST gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. They almost qualify as tempura potatoes from the absurdly thick batter, which is kind of a cheat code, but that doesn’t change how objectively delicious they are. The backlash was apparently too much for the PR to handle, and Shake Shack immediately reverted to their old formula, which is the first indication that these are very important fries. Don't dunk them in a root beer float a la Wendy's. The results are below. chips, aka freedom fries, aka 炸薯条, are a delightful treat enjoyed the world over, and they’re a staple of the fast-food meal. The best fast-food french fry is debatable. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve steamed in the to-go bag, the batter is always going to give you that crunch. and have either a national reach or a cult-like regional following to make the list. The spuds were speckled with black pepper and looked appealing… or so they seemed. You may recall a time in your younger days when Burger King made a big fuss about its fries beating those of a certain golden-arched rival in a nationwide taste-test. Hello guys welcome to my page today I am giving you information about TOP 10 BEST FAST FOOD FRENCH FRIES. Chick-fil-A needs to send a corporate training team out to Carl’s Jr. to see how it’s done. That's why Burger King fries are the ultimate study in how to be average as a french fry—which is not necessarily a strike against them. You can get a better burger, better chicken sandwich, better taco (looking at you real hard, Jack in the Box) anywhere else, but through some combination of science and magic, fast-food joints manage to put out the best fries in the world. At first, reviewing and ranking more than a dozen fast food chains' fries -- from Arby's Curly Fries to Chick-fil-A's beloved Waffle Fries -- seemed like a daunting, if not impossible, task. French fries are the perfect side dish to go along with a burger. Not McDonald’s-level well, but, still, more than serviceable. The only option at your new destination for chicken sandwiches is Cajun Fries, which come with a quasi-spicy, pepper-flecked orange sheen. These dipped in Del Taco's hot sauce will make your day better/fartier. They go really well with burgers, chicken, or … But that’s only part of the equation—consistency and environment are key. Food Ranked! At Del Taco, you’re more likely to get soggy fries cooked in old, bitter oil, which automatically demotes them. They more than do the job when you pair 'em with a bucket of chicken, but they struggle to compete with many other fries on this list on their own. Since they’re protected by a thin sheen of batter, they’re always at least a baseline level of crispy. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. I consider myself somewhat of a French fry connoisseur. They’re hand-cut, soaked, and double fried in peanut oil, which is the correct route to take, so it must be purely based on human error. 14. Always biscuits. We're not so sure. God bless you, science. No one can touch Arby’s in the fry game. Our experience has been the opposite. Either they’re on a diet—and everyone knows you can’t trust people who diet—or they don't fundamentally understand how to extract joy from life. Few questions in American society are met with a resounding "yes" more often than "Would you like fries with that?" It seems hard to mess up delicious, salty french fries, but certain places may make them better than others (according to most opinions). They're nothing too fancy; a textbook salty, golden fast food fry done right. Of course, we don't concur now. There's a similar spice phenomenon going on here to Popeyes, but the flavor has a bit more punch and the fries have just a touch more heft, which works well. But we're not talking about beef sandwiches, we're talking about fries. Which begs the question: which fast-food joint holds the title for the best fries? I don’t care how many years that Belgian street-cart owner has been cutting potatoes by hand, because he can’t hold a candle to the stoned 16-year-old in a paper hat using an industrial-sized funnel to throw previously frozen potato sticks into a cardboard box. mandatory October 3, 2019. More on that later. They’re weirdly pale, never crispy, and their off-putting mealiness is exacerbated by their thick, stubby shape. TOP 10 BEST FEST FOOD FRENCH FRIES. Top them with a combo of Arby's Sauce and Horsey Sauce and you may see the face of God. They're cheap, and no one can resist a salty, crispy, deep-fried potato. But alas, a tater tot is no French fry, so for the purpose of this exercise they're doing no good. But they do have seasoned potato wedges, which, semantically speaking, puts them in a grey area. Not at Del Taco, my friend. If you somehow instead see the face of Jon Stewart, offer him a curly fry and then demand an apology. Popeyes is included here. Also, if you order the fries well-done or Animal Style, as newbies who've heard about this "secret menu" are wont to do, it can kind of mask their flaws. These are perfectly fried to a shattering, golden crisp every time, so much so that each fry has its own structural integrity. With just the right amount of saltiness and potato-ey goodness, Burger King might consider a name change—apparently, they can also stake a claim on the Best Fast-Food French Fries throne. This is a discussion of potatoes, not condiments. Since they’re protected by a thin sheen of batter, they’re always at least a baseline level of crispy. Also, to be considered, a chain had to land within our definition of fast food (sorry, fast casual folks!) But before we get into our scientific conclusions, a few ground rules. The quote-unquote natural-cut fries here are a slightly worse version of Wendy’s, but that’s not the fry you should be eating at Carl’s anyways. We then ranked these fries from worst to best, #9 to #1. However, we found them lacking the crispiness that fries and fried chicken share and the addictive saltiness that all fries should include. (Also, both Brady and Belichick knew those balls were deflated.) If you spent 10 years watching Sonic commercials before they finally opened a location in your area, then you're probably familiar with the jacked up excited of trying it for the first time. From McDonald’s to Wendy’s, to Burger King and more, you have a wide range of options. They could be a tad spicier, with a stronger kick of flavor. Obviously, if you're going to have a restaurant chain dedicated to chicken fingers, you had better have some solid French fries in the mix as well. But they aren't McDonald's. It’s the little elegant touches like keeping flecks of skin on the end of the fry that make you forget the fact that you just paid $3.99 for a day’s worth of calories. They also add “Natural Beef Flavor” to the frying oil, which might be the reason you seem to taste McDonald’s fries hours after you eat them. French fries are one of the few things in restaurants (fast food or otherwise) that are typically vegan. I will never, ever, in my entire life understand why more people don’t roast Five Guys for their bad fries. On the not-so-bright side, they lack any semblance of a consistent texture. SHARE. And if you’ve eaten a lot of french fries, then you also know just how important they are to fast food … A place might do some amazing chili-cheese fries but that's for another day that involves more Tums. Maybe it's a matter of taste. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. popeyes fries. I looked up the ingredient information for the most popular fast food chains to see if they were vegan. French Fries are the perfect pairing for burgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and pretty much everything fast food related According to, these are the top 10 BEST french fries in the USA. Rarely do you encounter the latter at a fast food establishment with deep fryer access, and generally, White Castle's fries tend to be on the positive end of the crinkle spectrum more often than not. Oh, and they're delicious. The fries here are reliably excellent, skinny but not too skinny, always with good color and seasoning. People flipped their shit in 2013 when Shake Shack ditched their mass-produced, frozen, crinkle-cut fries for some natural-cut joints fried in-store. Is it possible to distinguish Culver's crinkle-cuts from White Castle's in a blind taste-test? But there's no reason anyone should know this, because it has tater tots, and its tots are some of its best work. French fries are so delicious and nothing beats a fast food French fry. Specifically, Curly Fries. When crinkle-cut fries are good, they can be transcendent. If you're wondering what the gold standard for cardboard-like fries is, look no further. But Culver's also serves cheese curds and frozen custard, so it gets the tiebreaker. Back in 2010, Wendy’s changed their recipe from your standard fast-food matchsticks to a thick-cut, skin-on fry, and they nailed it. The fries are serviceable but entirely unremarkable... gold-ish, salty-ish, good enough with some ketchup. If you're anything like us, you didn't agree then. 10. They don’t have skin on them, and there’s no pretense that they are at all "natural." It is tough to say no to crispy, salty, perfectly deep-fried potatoes. But there's been the occasional underdone misstep. And to eat at Whataburger. On the bright side, these fries have a rich and buttery potato flavor. It’s not too thick, not too thin, not too salty, and nowhere near under-seasoned. Buy a shaker of cajun seasoning from the grocery store—any brand will do—and dust in on every meal you eat for a week. French fries, a staple of most fast food meals, are a delightful food item enjoyed all over the world and for a good reason. The regular fries have the similar "I see some real potato skin but something doesn't seem quite right" quality that plagues Wendy's. EMAIL. TWEET. It's time to set the record straight. See a list of Burger King branches. It really kills the vibe. One key ingredient to a fry’s success is being a good vessel for condiments, and the amount of cayenne does have a tendency to get in the way. They're almost like an elementary school cafeteria fry that was cooked, frozen, cooked again, freezer-burnt, and then cooked until it reached room temp. New marketing slogan, perhaps? We're now living in the era of KFC's super-seasoned Secret Recipe Fries, which are sprinkled with the colonel's 11 herbs and spices to taste disturbingly similar to the chain's fried chicken. In theory, I’m against thin-cut fries—all crunch and no potato makes me a sad, fat man—and Steak ‘n Shake has the thinnest fries of any fast-food chain. No other fries manage to so consistently steal the show from the rest of the menu. And never pay an upcharge for fries unless it involves chili and/or liquid cheese. This was the challenge we were born for, and thanks to more salt and oil than we're comfortably attempting to quantify, we did it. You're trading any expectation for top-of-the-line French fries for a low price. Sign up here for our daily Thrillist email and subscribe here for our YouTube channel to get your fix of the best in food/drink/fun. You know, the good ones: fast food fries. Never trust anyone who doesn’t order fries at a fast-food restaurant. Their answer to waffle fries get an inflated crunch and flavor boost from seasoned batter, and being able to shove a whole lattice structure of fry into your mouth cuts out the middleman of shoving handfuls of normal fries into your mouth. Here is a definitive ranking of the best fast-food french fries. French fries are more than just a wingman for burgers and steaks. Nacho Fries are the best version of the spiced fast-food fry out there, cheese sauce or no. There are a lot of fast-food options out there. But damn do those humans seem to error a whole lot. We've seen a number of other sites name Chick-fil-A's Waffle Fries the best in fast food. Never trust anyone who doesn’t order fries at a fast-food restaurants.

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