chicken egg shell color chart

An egg with a brown shell started out as a white shell during the time the shell was being formed in the hen’s shell gland. The truth is, shell color depends entirely upon the breed and color of the hen that lays the eggs. Popular breeds that lay colored eggs include Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, Ameraucana and Welsummer chickens. Lighter or darker brown eggs have less or more pigment. Ameraucanas, Araucanas, and Cream Legbars all lay blue eggs. EGG PRODUCTION: Two hundred to 300 light-brown eggs per year is not uncommon for this heavy egg-layer. The color is the result of brown pigments in the bloom — the last layer added to the outside of an egg just before it is laid. True blue egg shells are blue inside and out. So, why the difference in price? Egg shell colour is mainly determined by genetics. Pale Shells. Many other breeds lay eggs with white shells. Although all eggs start out with white shells , the blue or brown dye (or both) applied to the shells of some breeds results in eggs that come in almost all the hues of the rainbow. A quick trick to determine chicken breed egg colors is to check the ear lobe color. Different chicken breeds lay eggs in every color of the rainbow, from Leghorn pure-white, to Welsummer and Maran dark-brown. The eggshell’s pigment is deposited in the shell gland pouch. – by Katie Thear APPEARANCE: This gentle hen boasts soft, shiny black plumage with tinges of green and purple. TEMPERAMENT: Australorps are gentle and tolerant of confined spaces, making them a good breed for beginners and for smaller chicken coops. Ameraucana birds have the pigment oocyanin deposited on the egg as it travels through the oviduct. The shell takes roughly 20 hour to be complete. It can be a problem for those who sell such eggs. Among commercial breeds, hens with white feathers and earlobes lay white-shelled eggs; hens with red feathers and earlobes lay brown eggs.Some hens even lay green and blue eggs!. To add a few green eggs in your basket, consider raising some aptly-named Easter Eggers. In the Olive Egger breeds, brown pigment is deposited onto the blue color, later in the egg shell process. (In fact, a flock of this mixed breed of chickens can lay a rainbow of egg colors on their own including bluish, green, pinkish or cream! Ameraucana chicken. Eggshell color does not change egg nutrients; the color of the shell is simply decoration. The color eggshell is meant as a representation of the average color of a chicken egg.. The shell represents approximately 10% of the weight of the egg. This pigment permeates the egg shell resulting in the interior and exterior of the egg being the same blue color. In interior design, the color eggshell is commonly used when one desires a pale, warm, neutral, off-white color.. Green Eggs. ), Olive Eggers or Favaucanas. The Breeds and Egg Colors. Chicken eggs come in all shades of blue, green, pinkish, cream and dark, dark brown. Along with genetics, the intensity a brown egg is affected by stage in the laying cycle, with egg colour fading as the chicken approaches molting (her cycle for feather loss and regrowth). Chickens that lay colored eggs Eggshell color is unique to each hen, depending on her breed and genetics. Photo courtesy of modern farmer. Paint gloss. If you raise chickens or are thinking of getting a flock, learn about chicken egg quality, from shell strength to yolk color to the egg grading system. The thickness of the shell: -In a general way, the solidity of the shell is closely related to the factors located upstream of the production of an egg: the bird’s genetic origin, the age of the layer, feeding, breeding conditions, and the bird’s medical state. While the pigment is found mostly in the calcareous part of the shell, some is also in the outer layer. Why too much sun affects the surface pigmentation in this way is unknown. The ear lobes indicate egg shell color in most breeds. The effect of strong sun and high temperatures on hens can produce a fading effect on the shells. The journey through the chicken’s oviduct takes approximately 26 hours. But what about when a layer that normally produces brown eggs lays a pale one?

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