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Highway Bridge Design Course using the latest version of AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications Instructor: Dr. Atorod Azizinamini, Ph.D., P.E. Section 4.1.3 (p 29) of Volume 19 of the FHWA Steel Bridge Design Handbook details the historical performance of three-coat systems. This composite bridge design can be used in the following ways: 1. He is also a member of the AISC Committee on Manuals. The CISC Code of Standard Practice for Structural Steel is a compilation of usual industry practices relating to the design, fabrication and erection of structural steel. Paul is the Vice-President (Engineering) of Rapid-Span Structures Ltd. in Armstrong, BC; one of the leading bridge fabricators in western Canada. Please note the course is in metric units and will often reference the Eurocode. CISC Design Module 4 – Straight Steel Girder Bridges and Design Module 5 – Curved Steel Girder Bridges, which accompany this webinar, may be purchased at the following links:, Steel bridge design hand-book: Design example 2A: Two-span continious straight composite I-girder, National Steel Bridge Alliance, Division of the American Institute of Steel Construction, Chicago.Otto, S. (2007). PDHonline Course S122 (3 PDH) Design of Short Span Steel Bridges 2012 Instructor: Frank Russo, Ph.D. & John C. Huang, Ph.D., PE PDH Online | PDH Center 5272 Meadow Estates Drive Fairfax, VA 22030-6658 Phone & Fax: 703-988-0088 An Approved Continuing Education Provider Steel is versatile, cost effective, resilient and sustainable, which is what makes it the ideal building material for bridge construction. New online course: What’s New – CISC Handbook 11th Edition & CSA S16-14 This course covers the changes in CSA S16-14 and the design of steel members and elements using the new 11th Edition of the Handbook of Steel Construction. Anchoring ... analysis, design, and code-check skills of various steel connections for everyday engineering practice? Learn more. Competitions Architecture Student Design Competition. This course provided a general overview of the AASHTO LRFD design philosophy with specific focus on LRFD loadings, load combinations, and load distribution. He is a member of the AISC Committee on Specifications and its task committee Connection Design. Bowman has over 30 years of experience in bridge design and analysis. Computer and Structures, Inc. is recognized globally as the pioneering leader in structural engineering analysis and design software for structural and earthquake engineering. Canam-Bridges was granted the contract for a major upgrade to the Pulaski Skyway Bridge, a four-lane highway bridge running through Jersey City, Kearny and Newark, (NJ), owned by the New Jersey Department of Transportation. It is best suited for those who have not designed in structural steel for some time or those who feel a basic review will improve their overall capabilities. These charts were originally developed using BS 5400 and the Highways Agency’s Design … In 1988, he joined Cohos Evamy, who later changed their name to DIALOG. (2006b). Bituminous Mixtures used for asphalt layers on bridge deck 9 5. This 16 hour course (19 modules) delivered in 7 sessions covers the design, fabrication and construction of steel bridges based on CAN/CSA-S6-14, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code. Seismic Connections for Steel Buildings CISC. Capacity N-M-N. Cookies help to provide a more personalized experience and web analytics for us. The original Highway Structures Design Handbook was produced by US Steel in the 1970s.The project was subsequently taken over by AISC. Now, with federal grant money, FHWA, NSBA and HDR Engineering (principal engineer) have completed updating the Handbook.Prominent engineers in the field wrote all 19 volumes and six design examples; these have been reviewed by a committee organized … Join the CISC. Course Leader: Mark Lasby, B.Sc., P.Eng. Order the Book Today! Rope structures 20 Notice This document is disseminated under the sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Transportation in the interest of information exchange. After obtaining his post-graduate degrees at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Dr. Montgomery joined the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Alberta where he held positions as Assistant and Associate Professor from 1977 until 1981. Our durable, pre-fabricated, high-quality modular designs are low cost and can meet AASHTO, state and local bridge design requirements. British Steel before them, have published preliminary design charts for steel-concrete composite highway bridges as part of their suite of design guidance for bridge engineers. Selected Topics: Capacity design principles. The concrete is good in compression, while the steel is good in tension and compression. Description: Students should have some background in the design of steel structures including beams, columns, and frames. Design of Commercial Buildings CISC. That is why I have created this beginner course to introduce you to the basics of steel design in a more welcoming way. Bridge load ratings. If you would like to have the course of your choice offered in a new location, submit this form, include your contact information. This course will consist of 8 1.5 hour sessions and is intended as an introduction and review of the basic principles of structural steel design. Composite beams. More advanced aspects of concrete bridge design are then explored. Uploaded by. Modelling of steel bridges 4. Industry-appropriate software is used for project work. FSTS - Fire design of steel, composite and timber structures GSTR - Glass structures STB - Steel bridges Structural project design 2 complete design of building, focused on structural design Bachelor Project Steel Structures 3 2 lectures + 1 seminars per week advanced course on design of steel structures, extension of the previous Waterproofing system 2.3. Using multiple design examples and referencing the 11th edition of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CAN/CSA-S6-14), this online course provides in-depth detail on the design, fabrication and construction of steel bridges. Cast in-situ. In addition to 4 reworked design examples, updated topics include code overview, brittle fracture, fatigue, methods of analysis, wind and seismic load effects, and aesthetics including pedestrian bridges. While recognizing those who contribute to the success of Canada’s steel industry, including architects, design engineers and project teams, this exciting affair allows the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) to connect with the leaders of steel innovation. The AASHTO LRFD Specifications are written based on probabilistic … This course presents structural design of steel bridges and covers both superstructures and substructures. Thomas M. Murray, Ph.D., P.E., is an Emeritus Professor of Structural Steel Design, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. As Chief Engineer and a senior financial partner, as well as his experience as a structural engineering principal, for over more than 10 years, he led a broad cross-section of significant building, bridge and specialty engineering projects across Canada. CISC Design Module 4 – Straight Steel Girder Bridges and Design Module 5 – Curved Steel Girder Bridges, which accompany this webinar, may be purchased on at the following links:,, Online Webinar3760 14th Avenue, suite 2009056043231. Jim has had an exemplary career that spans forty years. Our programs focus on the entire process of fabrication and erection. This event is closed. This course covers the design, fabrication and construction of steel bridges based on CAN/CSA-S6-14, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code. CSCE-CISC Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition May 15-18, 2019 École Polytechnique de Montréal 2900 Edouard Montpetit Blvd Montréal, QB + Learn More . Dr. Load assumptions for steel bridges 3. CISC’s Steel Design Awards of Excellence is Canada’s most prestigious and highly respected steel award ceremonies. The CISC Steel Exchange creates the opportunity for the Canadian Steel Construction community leaders to connect and gain knowledge through targeted webinars on a variety of relevant topics. We’re proud to support engineering excellence & host/judge the Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition! He holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of British Columbia and a master’s degree in Welding Engineering from Ohio State University. CTS have been designing and manufacturing bridges and structures since 1988 and are one of the market leaders in footbridge design, offering one of the most extensive ranges of steel, timber and steel and timber footbridges. Surface / Asphalt layers 3. The European Standard Family and Steel bridges 2. Tenca Steel Detailing, Inc. is a professional firm specialized in detailing steel bridges of all types. Engineering: Queen Richmond Centre, Ontario Jason B. Lloyd, PhD, PE, is the Bridge Steel Specialist, West Market, for the National Steel Bridge Alliance. drilled hole usually double the anchor body size how it works ... to bridges and retaining ... CISC Steel Design - Bolt Erection Clearances. This short course presents the fundamentals of WSD and LFD methods applied to both I-Girder and Box Girder bridges and will include analysis tools for the engineer and fabrication and erection problems and procedures. Curved Girder Bridge Design. Held at 1 p.m. Courses CISC Courses offer a wide variety of self-paced and live online webinars for steel professionals, practising engineers and architects. Layers on bridge decks 5 2.1. You will learn the basic and complex concepts of building a steel bridge from the beginning to the end of the construction process. Column Base – usually a thick plate at the bottom of a column through which anchor bolts mechanically connect the column and transfer forces to the In 1973, Jim Montgomery graduated at the top of his class at the University of Alberta. Major changes and new provisions that were introduced in CAN/CSA-S6-14 and their effect on the design of steel bridges are highlighted. Bridge Design to Eurocodes Worked examples Worked examples presented at the Workshop “Bridge Design to Eurocodes”, Vienna, 4-6 October 2010 Support to the implementation, harmonization and further development of the Eurocodes Y. Bouassida, E. Bouchon, P. Crespo, P. Croce, L. Davaine, S. Denton, M. Feldmann, R. Frank, Midas Civil is a "bridge" oriented finite element tool which is capable to consider all the different topics tipically involved in a bridge design: construction stage, section modeller, etc.

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