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Erik Spiekermann Interview — Type Interviews Erik Spiekermann 5th of March 2015, Berlin You have this theory that type designers have a 95 percent established framework, and the remaining 5 percent is for shaping the tone and expression. There is luck behind me, there’s luck in front of me, there’s luck ahead of me. Erik also designed exclusive typefaces for Nokia and Mozilla, as well as designing the reading app Blloon from his own design agency Edenspiekermann. It doesn’t look very refined, but I find it pleasant to read. Reedsy is more than just a blog. Episode 1. When I first reached out to you to present you Reedsy and our cover designers, you said to me: “There are plenty of great cover designers out there and while I love designing covers, I find that way too easy and superficial. I mean, in general the idea is to make sure that you have a great concept and you also have aesthetic — what we call in German mehrwert, added value. I’m looking forward. Interviews with figures from pop culture: fashion, film, art, music. – Posted on Jun 11, 2015, Today, our CEO Emmanuel has the amazing opportunity to interview Erik Spiekermann. That’s it, I can’t lie; it is what it is, unabashed, naked. Today, our CEO Emmanuel has the amazing opportunity to interview Erik Spiekermann. It freed me.”, “I just keep imagining myself thirty years from now thinking, ‘Why didn’t you take advantage of all the opportunities you had? So now we have to make up new activities to fulfill those emotional needs. It is dangerous, but it is also sublime.”, “To be an artist, you must start with a considerable drive; in my case it was a fierce madness, a wildness. I’ll do it, I’ll save up some money...” Because by then the door will be closed.”, “I was always trying to innovate; I don’t like repetition. Fashion changes, materials change, but a good concept will survive forever. It doesn’t take any longer to pick the right typeface and try it out than it does to pick the wrong one. But even with BVG, for instance, everybody wanted logos first, but for me, it was a color and a typeface that defined the project. Learn the fundamentals of book design, from creating beautiful covers to formatting and typesetting professional-grade interiors. Live your life now; start in the morning. But it needs an update. What I do as a designer is what I mentioned above: I bring content, media and audience together. Other cities like Paris and Barcelona are already doing it! Check out our 4-step approach on how to make a chapbook, from polishing your verse to creating a DIY chapbook from scratch. We’re all going to come to the same fate. You go home crying and your parents almost want you to quit but then you just do it. That’s something I was born with, I’m convinced of it; it was nothing that I acquired. I understand that in creating the 'best' books, the process is not just an instruction to 'Typeset this text', but it can involve continued editing with wording changes made after preliminary typesetting in order to to remove distracting white spaces. And similarly in the West, all the drivers suddenly needed maps after the unification, because most of them had never been to the East before — it was like a foreign country! If you’re feeling that, maybe other people need that to.”, “Failure is more interesting. I thought about folding, but I’m not a quitter. But I can learn from those mistakes and grow. I have seen too many books with great covers but horribly designed content. (Laughs) That’s one reason why I like riding a bike, so I'm a little above the cars and can actually see the streets. I wasn’t accepted in the kitchen initially, I wasn’t part of the system; the other chefs didn’t welcome me. 20 of the best LGBT publishers, all devoted to the publication of queer literature, or actively seeking new voices from the LGBTQ+ community! By continuing to use our website you are agreeing to our use of cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy. I’m not going to quit.”, “There is something quite beautiful with the art thing, that you can only hold it back for so long and then you have to do it.”, “If you have to defend something that you like, it makes you to like it even more. Just like background music in a store. 15. I’ve noticed that suddenly a lot of cars disappeared! Use our 6-step guide on how to publish a children's book to help you get there. I have seen your complaints about the printed version of The Circle: not enough leading, wrong typeface, etc. Well, if you look at the Berlin transport map now, there's five parallel lines going from the Westkreuz in the far west, all the way to Ostkreuz, in the far east. That's what it’s all about.”, “I think all actors have to be dreamers. I live from my heart. It’s often these crucial moments in history that spark major changes; like your post-reunification design for the now iconic German transport system, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, 30 years ago. It may still be nourishing, but my appetite is gone. Yes, but the same one as always. Find the perfect editor for your book. I just let my intuition go in situations of fear. Erik is the designer behind many global brands and publications such as Audi, Bosch and The Economist. And I use that stamina now as an actress because it’s normally quite uncomfortable to make films.”, “When you’re young so many things happen and it’s really hard, but you have to fight. I think was the probably the best idea from a branding point of view — you didn’t need a logo, because you know that if a yellow thing arrives: you can get in, it’ll get you somewhere! You gain a sense of freedom and understanding and forgiveness for being human. Instead of trying to control things and make it the way you want them, you have to be more open.”, “I have the freedom to express myself. Only three years ago I was confident to start focusing on removing, and this is when I finally created a dish where I felt like I achieved what I tried to do for 23 years.”, “You have to open yourself. There is a certain something about the ever-present danger of death that makes living so great.”, “I give my best performances when I am almost snapping. I live in near Gendarmenmarkt and Hausvogteiplatz, where it’s all offices and embassies, and with people not coming into work during the lockdown in March and April, the streets were all empty. Looking back is for everybody else.”, “Failure is just something you have to go through on your own. I don’t have one in front of me, but if we were near my bookshelves in Berlin, I’d pull out some of the books from Andere Bibliothek, like this one, Der Nazi und der Psychiater we happened to have designed. Read our comprehensive guide to find out what a chapbook is, whether it’s the right step for you, and how you might go about making your own. I think every citizen of every kind of society has to dream. Practice, practice, practice, practice.”, “I think my love of pushing the boundaries in film comes from my desire as a kid to do something artistic that would amaze people. Interview Directory; World Guide; The Talks Interviews Art Erik Spiekermann. Which city cares the most about typography? Do typographers and book interior designers have a new role with the progressive switch to ebooks? You learn by failing.”, “Follow the things you love! Creating the BVG was my best and favorite job ever. The Big Interview Erik Spiekermann. Name: Erik SpiekermannDOB: 30 May 1947Place of birth: Stadthagen, GermanyOccupation: Graphic designer, typographer. My job as a designer is to take information and translate it to the user. It would be a shame to waste our snippet of time on this planet being afraid.”, “It's just so boring listening to false modesty. You’ve successfully designed brand identities for companies like Audi, The Economist, and Bosch. But do people generally understand the importance of design for books the same way they now care about the craftsmanship behind their iPhones? It felt like some of the city belonged to us again. Learn more…, Find the perfect editor for your next book. That’s why I now have this tattoo that says “Carpe Diem.” That’s what we should live by!”, “Writing itself should be so extreme, so wild, and so much fun that it doesn’t matter whether or not you ever sell the book.”, “Right now we are 40 people working in Osteria Francescana, for 28 or 30 covers a night. For 25 years you're working with small projects, domestic projects. He has not only taught ze Germans what a design system is but created also dozens, if not hundreds of popular typefaces, used by Deutsche Bahn, Bosch or Firefox. My track record isn’t bad - probably because I look around, read a lot, travel and generally have my ear to the ground. I know the difference between right and wrong, I know what I feel comfortable with. 15. 28 minutes ‘The Big Interview’ is Monocle’s bold new series of in-depth interviews with inspirational names from global politics, business, culture and design. Time is something that changes every moment, it’s never repetitive — I try to follow this example.”, “We're not having to run from predatory animals like we did for hundreds of thousands of years before. I look forward to being 50 and I’m hoping that I’m as confident as some of the people that I look up to.”, “I work till the breath goes out of me, and that might be at one or two or even four or five (in the afternoon).

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