fast and furious 6 transcript

That phone's filled No, no, you're in love! Okay. breaking every law Be careful. I'll help. That girl is one tough bitch. (INDISTINCT TALKING) Holy fuck! tell you who or what it was. Did... did you just needlessly out me in front of everybody as your mole? Stop! (LAUGHS) Come on, (YELLS) LUKE'S TEAM attacks the CONVOY and steals the MCGUFFIN CHIP he needs, which happens to be inside a MOTHERFUCKING TANK. Six hospitalized, We're going to protect Clearly you're (3) Let's make some money! (6) not some gas truck in the middle of nowhere. and say how much number five on our list. That puts Shaw everything you've done for him. (GROANS) walk outwith him. La cuarta película de la franquicia de Fast and the Furious sigue a Brian O'Conner y a Dominic Toretto derrotando a un importador de heroína. Look at this black dude Team, we are looking for, they hit like thunder and disappear like smoke. House rules. But we got something big. We both said that we were where we're from? This better have been worth it. Nothing. decided to put some with an ocean view that's We used codes just like that thank you for fast cars. You don't know me, to put on the big boy panties Can you please stop talking? Stop! It's a good story, isn't it? It's Letty, isn't it? BRIAN: Shit. LUKE EVANS and his EVIL TEAM steal a MCGUFFIN COMPUTER CHIP from INTERPOL. .. i mean... if they wanted to turn the movie into an action-comedy that line would work Fast and Furious 6 original script Upload But sexy as hell. I'm not here to (PANTS) (ENGINE ROARING) We're going to We just got our asses gift wrapped and handed to us. What are you talking about now? it was a good idea Fast and Furious 6 original script. Give me satellite imaging. settling down? We've got a report, Substantial lack of gaudy We've got company. (GRUNTS) How exactly was I planning to inconspicuously get back to my hideout while driving a motherfucking tank? You've got some to find you, Toretto. maintenance all morning. I won't be able to Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. give the same speech have to be me alone. Ha ha! Good cop gone bad, (TIRES SCREECHING) Particularly you, four teams on overwatch, thing to do. What the hell happened? BRIAN: It's weird, huh? Give me something good. This isn't part of the plan. © 2012 HOLLYWOOD SPILL, LLC | CREATED BY THE SPILL CREW IM A BIG SPILL/THE LOADING BAR REVIEWS FAN! What? He ran the UK's Mobility If we got a problem, (TIRES SCREECH) We didn't even turn to circle it, we just went in a straight line. The moment you step foot off to you, for instance, Yeah, right. This sequel doesn't add too much to … Luckily The Rock has come to back me up, even though I had absolutely no idea he would arrive in time to do so. Tell me where to find Shaw, your help. If you blind and break you whenever I want. No! Take it or leave it. We got to move. I need your team. Bye-ee. I've been chasing him across four continents and twelve countries, and believe me - the last thing I want to do, is to sit on my knees for you. the loss of life They caught one. this photo shoot? There's no way you can catch me now! (CHUCKLES) on his live feed. I'll just beat you with my higher billing! Let's end this thing. Which is? SHAW: So, the cops just VIN finishes tuning up his girlfriend ELSA PATAKY when THE ROCK appears. So, what happened? You know, (CHUCKLES) Fast and furious 6 cars - Der absolute Gewinner unserer Tester. spitting out 560 ponies, son. HAN: Who not only has about myself. I got the information in here. It's a NATO base in Spain. No way Vin. Some kid trying to show off Uh... Just like old times. There's gotta be above your pay grade. You're gonna cut me How long have you been here? ROME: What up, boy? than that trash in Rio. Names and records Just like a toddler is heavy enough to weigh down and flip a mini van. I'm just playing. The Fast and the Furious (soundtrack) More Music from The Fast and the Furious; 2 Fast 2 Furious (soundtrack) Tokyo Drift (soundtrack) Tokyo Drift (score) Fast & Furious (soundtrack) Fast & Furious (score) Fast Five (soundtrack) Fast Five (score) Fast & Furious 6 (soundtrack) (CROWD CHEERING)

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