fear of sharks in pool

There’s so many things in life that we don’t need to be afraid of, and if you feel you want to overcome your fears that are holding you back, (and there’s no shame in admitting it! Galeophobia is the fear specifically of sharks. What could be the basis of this irrational fear? I know this makes no sense, size wise, but in dreamworld, a bed and a pool are the same thing…at this point. I know how irrational this sounds. CounsellingResource.com is accredited by the Health on the Net Foundation. The question is , are you afraid of large bodies of water like lakes, rivers and the sea. Understanding Aggressive Personality Types, The Thinking Errors of the Disturbed Character, Manipulation Tactics and Impression Management, Tools of Personal Empowerment: How Not to Be Manipulated, Distinguishing Neurosis from Character Disorders, Developing Character: ‘Ten Commandments’ of Character Development. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GswI5TjS8PU). Sharks are portrayed as vicious or dangerous creatures. This Is No Joke. Now I love helping clients overcome their phobias and irrational fears, so I wrote this little post. Sharks regularly receive bad PR from the media, but in reality, they are far less dangerous than you think. I almost picture a vortex just randomly opening up out of nowhere and releasing a great white shark as I'm swimming towards it. It almost felt like it had lured them in. However, the biggest and most influential threat is our mentality. If I have someone with me, then there is no fear. There is no specific term for fear of swimming pools. How do I overcome it? Although your fear involves concern about a possible shark, it does not appear that your apprehension is connected to a fear of sharks per se. The fear is more centered around not feeling in control because darkness or a lack of ability to sense and respond to potential dangers makes us vulnerable. With my second moment of intense fear passing with no incidence I started to relax a little more and realize that they didn’t want to eat me. They are big, scary, and can eat you for breakfast. I talked to her at length about it and I laughingly told her what the problem was. In those deep waters it could not be seen. Pipes? I can not go all the way under water. This has happened seven or eight times now. My phobia is weird, it’s not the usual fear of spiders, I love spiders! I needed to buildup courage to dive in. It is overseen by the same international advisory board of distinguished academic faculty and mental health professionals — with decades of clinical and research experience in the US, UK and Europe — that delivers CounsellingResource.com, providing peer-reviewed mental health information you can trust. i’ll swim normally, and just laugh it off as long as I could. Books and web pages that deal with shark attacks have adventurous names such as “The Fear Beneath,” “The Devil’s Teeth,” “Deep Dark Water,” and “Swim at your own Risk,” and contain a mixture of fear and fascination which emanates from the world’s largest predatory fish. but nope! Fear of water is aqua phobia. ), I’m right here for you in Marlborough NZ.Â. Fear of deep water is a very common phobia and is nothing to be ashamed of. Here is a short documentary on a family who flew to Mexico to swim with sharks. To mister shark I was just another creature similar to him, he swam right over my head and didn’t pay me any attention. If the pool is light-colored or in the sun I am fine. I can’t even go swimming in a pool! The dolphins do not hunt the sharks.” Shy Bladder And Drug Testing. They covered the side with the dead shark. But sometimes we can also be struggling with traumatic memories from childhood that we’re not consciously aware of and that bear some similarities to our phobias which make our phobias more difficult to overcome. Is there a different way we can look at this? But the fact that you indicate you are fine in a pool that is light-colored, well-lighted, or in the sun suggests that your apprehension is more connected to a fear … I have a strange phobia that I don't understand and need some help with. Your email address will not be published. Fear Of Sharks In Swimming Pools…Let’s Talk Hypnotherapy I don’t know when my fear of sharks in swimming pools started, but most likely started when I lost my hearing twenty years ago. Editor/Writing Faculty Member, MatadorU. I get clients frequently asking me “but does hypnotherapy work for fears and anxieties?”. I know what I’m about to say might sound ridiculous but I really need to share this concern with someone. Soon we were lead to the bow of the shipwreck to witness a mass feed for the sharks. For my part, I conceded that I could not conclusively prove that he would never meet a shark in a swimming pool! I can initially, laugh and get in a pool by myself. How to Get over Your Fear of Sharks. The fear of sharks, called Galeophobia or Selachophobia, is a serious problem for some people. If you are experiencing strong sensations of fear/panic in situations where you can be 100% sure that there is no physical danger (I.e. There is, for instance, a cult magazine titled Shark Fear , and legends about sharks, piranhas, or alligators in the plumbing are rife from Florida to New York City. Understandable I hear you saying. I’ve borrowed this clip from Animal Planet to highlight how dramatic a fear of sharks can be: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCr3OWJt_AM). Even though I know logically that there are no sharks, it still freaks me out. Ask the Psychologist provides direct access to qualified clinical psychologists ready to answer your questions. And I love air travel! Fear not! Now I love helping clients overcome their. And I love air travel! I had read all sorts of reviews praising her work, so I had to check it out for myself!Â. Despite the fact that I'm in a swimming pool and miles from the actual sea, I sometimes panic and think there is a Great White Shark in there with me. I watched the dot on the ceiling while she took me into a deep relaxation. i quickly go out of the pool coz of that feeling, where a great white shark chasing me, and i quickly look back, stop in the middle, as to “wake myself up” from that fear. You would never send your child into the ocean if you saw a shark. I thought that I was the only one struggling with this irrational fear. And the shark movies… That’s what I consider the most suspenseful type of movie. Aug 07, 2013— -- I have an important announcement to make: I am afraid of pool sharks. But it wasn’t the shark. I have this too! Most of the time, with time and experience, fears originating in childhood are overcome. In any case, such fears can be dealt with and overcome in a relatively straightforward manner, regardless of their origin. I know that logically there is no way a shark could be in the pool. It’s not a fear of flying, heights, social phobia, claustrophobia, or any of the usual things that most people are afraid of. Â. All good so far, but the real test of overcoming my fear of sharks in swimming pools will come in summer when I get to swim in a pool when there is no one else there.  Watch this space…, Writing this article has been stressful…I’m linking here to a hypnosis session by Michael Sealy for calming an overactive mind. i need someone to swim with me, knowing someone else near me somehow overcome the fears. The physical appearance of sharks is often deemed as scary. So this year, I decided to do something about it and book an appointment with Chris, my local hypnosis guru, to see if she could help me overcome this irrational fear of sharks in swimming pools. I am 12 Dreams about sharks are very often but unfortunately, in most of the cases they mean something bad and that is related to our negative perception of sharks. However, deep in my subconscious, this fear is so great that it haunts me in my nightmares. Your fear of sharks will niggle at you, and if you allow it to grow, the niggle becomes chit chat, and chit chat is exactly what ruins our experience of surfing– and of life. That is why the dreams about sharks can be very terrifying and unpleasant. But in your situation, it gets a bit trickier attempting to specifically define the situation or thing about which you are phobic. The fear of sharks is so widespread, the phobia has a name: Galeophobia. I love to swim. I have the same issue, I cannot swim in a pool without someone to sacrifice to the shark. I always imagined they’d be hiding behind the filters at the side of the pool and someone could push a button to lift the filter gates and let them in (evil supervillain style!). I’ll be happy swimming some lengths in the cool waters, then suddenly the fear of a great white shark will hit me, and I’ll be overpowered with a panic attack. Â. I try and laugh it off and tell myself not to be so stupid, but in the end, I always quickly get out of the water, sit on the edge and look out for huge shark that I know is there! omg me too! a family who flew to Mexico to swim with sharks, Fired Because You Can’t ‘Go’? This phobia, unlike many others, is based in some logic due to the fact that sharks are very dangerous creatures. Basically, the fear is based in the pervading sense that something very frightening and potentially dangerous is lurking just outside of our awareness and could strike at any moment. i can not go in the ocean, pools, sometimes bath tubs, and worst, the shower. It’s not easy having a fear of sharks in swimming pools…, Likewise in the sea, I will not swim alone, as I can’t hear the sharks coming. I can recount endless appearances of killer sharks … Photo: Shutterstock. So a week later I’m at the local pool with no problems. I have a terrible fear of swimming in swimming pools alone because I'm worried that there will be a shark in the water. I also know the fear is irrational because I’m fine if someone is in the pool with me. I used to think one day I would do a shark cage experience to get over my fears, and then the videos started popping up of the sharks getting into the cage, and I was immediately done with that idea. It might be wise to seek consultation with a professional who not only specializes in the amelioration of phobias but also the working through of bad memories and childhood trauma. well i have a horrible fear of sharks. Fear of fish or ichthyophobia ranges from cultural phenomena such as fear of eating fish, fear of touching raw fish, or fear of dead fish, up to irrational fear (specific phobia). How This NZ Woman Lost 30kg Through Hypnotherapy. It's a really strange thing, but since I saw Jaws as a kid I've had this bizarre fear of sharks appearing out of nowhere in the pool I'm swimming in. Causes of fear of sharks. My phobia is weird, it’s not the usual fear of spiders, I love spiders! Hence, I don’t necessarily show any visible signs of fear. Selachophobia is the intense fear of sharks. The goggles were useless now, but Jacob kept them on, in case there might be some break in the murky pool. People have pet sharks guarding their swimming pools? Required fields are marked *, I agree with that, they are, but where the phobia goes from ‘normal’ to ‘ irrational’, which by the way most phobias are irrational, is that I have an irrational fear of sharks in swimming pools. Although your fear involves concern about a possible shark, it does not appear that your apprehension is connected to a fear of sharks per se. This fears keeps people from swimming in the ocean or going out on boats. It is likely hiding in their chest. Emma Thieme . The people came in saw the room and left just before a black shadow crept into the visible part of the bed/pool. Ichthyophobia is described in Psychology: An International Perspective as … OHKK. Pool sharks are the irrational fear of sharks in your pool, and they're very much true. I’m even afraid of those deep water shots, you just know a shark is lerking in the shadows to jump scare me. I know – no one can, but when I’m swimming, I’m totally deaf and really can’t hear a thing, let alone the theme song from Jaws to tell me that a shark is approaching! Â. Because your fear and apprehension is tied to an identifiable situation or circumstance, it’s best thought of as a phobia. Community . I’d get the feeling that I was being chased by great whites as I swam but I couldn’t stop to look behind me because I was too scared of seeing a fin 😛, Also to a lesser extent killer whales too 😛. Or only of swimming pools? Ever since I was little, whenever I’m by myself in a swimming pool that is either dark-colored or in the shade, I have this terrible fear or gut feeling that there is a shark in the water. A bird dropped it in as a baby and it grew overnight? Galeophobia sufferers are extremely afraid of going near the ocean, lakes, rivers, and yes even swimming pools out of an entrenched fear of being attacked by a shark. The fear of sharks stops humans from fighting for them and valuing them, and unfortunately, the pressure to protect animals depends on how much we love or value a species. I think Phobia. Or not. How can i get over it? It’s gotten a little wild. I always ask my friends to come swimming with me, if they knew the reason why, they would probably refuse! You would never send your child into a pool if you saw lightning. Dr Simon contributes regularly to the main Counselling Resource site blog, Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life, including several article series in his specialist areas: All clinical material on this site is peer reviewed by one or more clinical psychologists or other qualified mental health professionals. Yes, it may seem irrational, but if a crippling fear of sharks has kept you from splashing in the ocean, the struggle is real. Can Hypnotherapy Really Help With Weight Loss..? I know the shark will get that person first and I can then get to safety while the shark is devouring them. As stated before, media is the most likely cause of the fear of sharks. Chit chat is precisely what the practice of meditation is designed to eliminate: that never-ending stream of generally worthless self-talk that permeates its way through our present moment. Overcoming a fear of sharks starts with looking at the facts and figures for attacks as they are extremely uncommon. I don’t know when my fear of sharks in swimming pools started, but most likely started when I lost my hearing twenty years ago. We know this because there is an ample amount of records which show us shark attacks on humans in many different countries. Because you indicate that when someone else is in a pool with you or when the scene is well-lit you don’t experience your usual fear, it appears the basis for your fear lies not so much in a concern about sharks but rather your lack of confidence in your ability to sense and respond to potential dangers that might be present outside of your sphere of awareness. My friends are good like that! For us they are powerful, dangerous animals living in the seas or oceans. Pool sharks are the irrational fear of sharks in your pool, and they're very much true. I’m okay with baths, spa pools, and smaller bodies of water, even rivers to some extent I don’t worry, but come to the sea or a swimming pool I freeze in fear and my fight or flight response kicks in on overdrive! The problem, however, is that the fear is entirely disproportionate to the reality: The chances of dying in a shark attack are just one in 3.7 million, according to National Geographic. Sharks are being killed for many reasons, by accident, for food, medicine and even fun. A fear of sharks is a common issue for people who want to swim in oceans. So, whenever the lights are on, someone else is around, or we feel able to scan, respond to, and control our environment, we don’t experience the fear. i’ve been trying to find a word for this exact feeling, but i got nothing. Anyway, I digress…. Shark experts charge that sharks are unfairly portrayed in the media as aggressive hunters of humans. Fear response is justified! Sometimes this fear is partially justified if an attack has happened in the area recently, but most of the time it is an unsubstantiated one. The bottom half was the rest of the swimming pool. I have had a lot of inner dialogue talking myself down from these obviously impossible situations. However, if you want to face your fear, try gradually pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Im 19 and since I can remember Ive had a horrible fear of sharks. I hate have my face wet. Fear of sharks is rooted in the brain, and can be understood by examining what Ropeik called "two biological truths" about how the brain processes information. Their kids, barely even 5 years old, jumping in for the experience. Movies like Jaws (1975), Dark Tide (2011) and Deep Blue Sea (1999) etc have particularly depicted these creatures in a negative light. Such absurd fears are more common than many of us realize. 4 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Sharks Tuesday October 7, 2014 . Many children experience various manifestations of fear of the dark when growing up. someone is going to put a huge shark picture in my bathroom and scare the crap out of me. Ava and Alexis overcome their biggest fears to swim with sharks, but first, we feed some iguanas! I agree with that, they are, but where the phobia goes from ‘normal’ to ‘ irrational’, which by the way most phobias are irrational, is that I have an irrational fear of sharks in swimming pools. :/ but most of all, i love swimming and being in the water, and this feeling sucks. In order to help shark conservation efforts, learn how to overcome your fear of sharks while helping to turn the destructive tides of overfishing and finning. Your email address will not be published. When Im in the ocean, I panic if i cant see through the water and I start freaking out. The plumbing? Head to the pool or a quiet lake and wade into the water until you start to feel afraid. Let's treat our kids' hearts with the same sense of caution and urgency because the real threat to our kids may not be found in the water or sky. Fear Of Sharks In Swimming Pools? idk a way to explain it to people without them laughing at me:( but this feeling is real, and i’m really terrified:(. But really, it was because the giant great white in the pool. I can’t even go swimming in a pool! Our material is not intended as a substitute for direct consultation with a qualified mental health professional. When I tell people, they tell me to try and rationalise it and ask me questions like…. Crazy thing is, I’ve never had an experience with an actual shark, obviously because you wouldn’t find me in the ocean or any river that the sharks swim up to get me in. Enjoy 🙂, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuzJffTliSc). Before I knew it, she was asking me to wake up – I hope I didn’t snore! There’s a word that is dedicated to it.  The word is “galeophobia” which is derived from the Greek words “galeos” (shark with markings resembling those on a weasel) and “phobos” (fear).  The word Galeophobia almost makes my fear sound like something trendy! I felt wonderfully refreshed. To stay in the loop please follow and like! It was fitting that the Worldwaker had passed through there, with the shark emblem painted on brightly. But the fact that you indicate you are fine in a pool that is light-colored, well-lighted, or in the sun suggests that your apprehension is more connected to a fear of the dark. Once again, safety in numbers, and I know my friends will put their life on the line for me and entertain the shark while I get to safety quickly. My family thought it was because the cold water. This is so weird. She was good – even though it may have sounded totally ridiculous, and was probably laughing inside, she remained professional and told me that she would be able to help. And I’m normally very rational and scientific! My issue is that my fear of sharks goes further than the pool, when I was a kid it was the bathtub drain, I’ve gotten over that but now it’s totally irrational… I was going into my kitchen in the dark and I was imagining a shark being in there about to attack me, I also get that sinking fear when seeing pictures of sharks, and feel like I’m being sneek attacked when my finger scrolls over a shark picture online. Here's the tricky part: This phobia doesn't exist for me in the ocean. Consider bringing a friend you trust with you for support. Originally published by Dr George Simon, PhD on July 14, 2009 and last reviewed or updated by Dr Greg Mulhauser, Managing Editor on July 22, 2009. https://askthepsych.com/atp/2009/07/14/fear-of-sharks-in-the-swimming-pool/. I always have an answer.  I know it’s irrational, I know it’s silly, but every summer I’m faced with the same fear. Or not. While the mentioning of a shark clearly stirs up emotions inside me, they are somewhat vague. And I’m normally very rational and, I get clients frequently asking me “but does hypnotherapy work for fears and anxieties?”. Whenever I dove off the diving board, I imagined the dark silhouette of a giant great white shark riding to meet me at the same speed forward as I was travelling. ‘How would a shark get into the swimming pool in the first place?’ Â. I don’t know – the filter system? My phobia is sharks. I splash uncontrollably and hastily clamber out, then proceed to shake in fear by the side of the pool and can never be coaxed back into the water.

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