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My hair after a twist-out using the Pattern Beauty leave-in conditioner and argan oil hair serum. Liza Friedman, the star of the latest Hair, Even if you’ve been kinder to your hair during quarantine, deliberately cutting back on heat styling during the work week, you may still be dealing w, The styling tool that sold out within mere weeks of hitting the market and garnered a waitlist of 133,000 people is on sale right now. Today I will be washing and conditioning my hair with Pattern Beauty products to see if it passes the test. It had the consistency of mayonnaise — the full-fat kind my mom used for her hair masks back in the ‘90s. We are an active space for uplifting & loving our authentic beauty. Tracee Ellis Ross is releasing Pattern, a brand-new hair-care brand formulated specifically for curly and kinky hair textures from 3B to 4C. I could run through all the Pattern products one by one, but I’m gonna cut to the one every woman with curly hair really cares about: the conditioner. And she intentionally made the bottles a whopping 13 ounces for people who "need more than a quarter-size of product.". My hair after a twist-out using the Pattern Beauty leave-in conditioner and argan oil hair serum. Once I put it on my soaking wet 4B curls, I immediately fell in love with the scent. I should start by telling you that my relationship with my hair has always been a strained one. Haircare Joi Wade September 25, 2019 Pattern Beauty, Pattern Beauty by Tracee Ellis Ross, 4c Hair, Type 4 Hair Comment Facebook 0 Twitter LinkedIn 0 Pinterest 0 0 Likes Previous Is Pattern Beauty by Tracee Ellis Ross 4c Hair Friendly? You can use it to do a pre-shampoo treatment, you can wash your hair with it, you can even use it as a leave-in when mixed with a bit of water in a spray bottle. But when I popped the cap on the Intensive Conditioner for Tight Textures, I was pleasantly surprised by the weight of it. However, there’s still a lack of products for coily hair types in big-name beauty retailers — and Pattern Beauty is poised to fill that void with a 10-piece lineup launching in. Back in September, Tracee Ellis Ross — the actress, Emmy winner, and former New York Magazine fashion intern — launched a hair-care line called Pattern for curly hair. Once I put it on my soaking wet 4B curls, I immediately fell in love with the scent. Even though it’s thick, the Intensive Conditioner did give my hair slip. It’s the cornerstone of any Afro hair routine. We are Black-owned & Black-founded. Even still, I was skeptical of a conditioner that comes in a tube — regardless of how large that tube is. We diligently transition, Everyone’s natural hair journey is unique, and Carly Danner, the star of the latest Hair Me Out episode, would best describe hers as an “emot, A good haircut and color can make a massive difference in the overall look and feel of your hair. I’m a strong, independent woman with unique thoughts and opinions, but anything, On top of the chic packaging and marketing campaign featuring flourishing Afros, I was most drawn to this celebrity launch because it felt like it was created specifically for, These days, the natural-hair section in the beauty aisle is much more saturated, so I rarely need to DIY. It’s got a hint of floral fragrance that isn’t so overpowering that I have to stick my head out of the shower mid-detangling. We are centered around the celebration of Black Beauty. We are here to fulfill the beauty needs of the CURLY, COILY & TIGHT TEXTURED community. Pattern is what I would deem self-love personified. I was able to detangle my curls using the, While the tube makes it seem like this is a lightweight rinse-out, this is really a, As adults, we’ve learned that slightly changing small habits can make a huge difference, especially in our beauty routines. afros, cornrows, and jheri curls) with aims to liberate every natural curly girl from this subtle suppression of identity and reestablish our confidence in who we are. I assume that if it’s creamy enough to squeeze out of the packaging, then it’s not thick enough for me. When formulating these conditioners, Ross used her looser curls as a starting point (she uses the medium conditioner), but also wanted to create products that could work for tighter, Type 4 textures. From weaves to the tightest buns I could manage with just my two little human hands to many failed wash-and-go attempts and more heat styling than I care to admit, I've spent my entire life just trying to keep my hair under control. Down from its origin, If you’ve been toying with the idea of taking your hair a radically different color during quarantine, now might be a perfect time to go through with, The Pro-Approved Guide To Caring For Natural Hair In The Winter, I Got A Custom Curly Wig & I’ve Never Felt More Confident, 5 Hairstyle Trends On Track To Blow Up This Winter, 15 Natural-Hair Gifts Perfect For Kinks To Curls & Coils, Ciara Just Ushered In Fall’s Coolest Hair Color Trend, The 5 Biggest Hair Color Trends Of Winter 2020, Hailey Bieber Just Endorsed 2020’s Trendiest WFH Hairstyle, I Got A Curly Cut With Highlights & My Hair Looks So Healthy, 4 Simple Tips For Growing Longer, Stronger Hair — Fast, The Dyson Airwrap Is On Super Sale Right Now, 3 Red Hair-Color Trends You’re About To See Everywhere, I Dyed My Hair Plum Purple — & It’s A Total Confidence Boost. For women with natural hair, conditioner is so much more than a post-shampoo step. It is a revelation of the ways in which society has rejected the notion that natural hair in the Black community is beautiful (i.e. Her goal, as she put it, was to “expand the aisle,” making more quality beauty products accessible to more women in the same way Rihanna did with Fenty Beauty. Pattern Beauty has three rinse-out conditioners available in the lineup — medium, heavy, and intensive — and a universal leave-in conditioner. Pattern Beauty hydration shampoo, Pattern Beautyintensive conditioner for tight textures, Pattern Beauty shower brush, Pattern Beauty leave-in conditioner, Pattern Beauty jojoba oil hair serum, Pattern Beauty Argan oil hair serum, Pattern Beauty on-the-go kit, Pattern Beauty microfiber towel

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