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The company’s sales dropped 3.4% in 2015, while rivals such as Arby’s and Jersey Mike’s grew, according to reports by Food Business News. The Subway on Dillard Street is one of four in Central Florida to feature a new design and also boasts a drive-thru. It perfectly communicates the two ways its sandwiches exit a human body. @SUBWAY's clean slate: Eating even fresher and adopting a new logo Subway already offers order-and-pay-ahead service. The new symbol is actually clever in hiding the same “S” in the new logo between two large arrows and, in turn, forming a larger, graphic “S”. Do let us know your opinion on the logo redesign in the comments section below. Slide Deck: 10 Most Iconic Automobile Logos! MILFORD, Conn. -- Subway, the world's largest restaurant chain and a QSR mainstay in many convenience stores, has unveiled the latest step in its efforts to refresh its brand, revealing new design and layout elements that will soon make their way into stores worldwide. This is a relatively softer pivot from the notions of “Fresh is what we do”, and “Eat Fresh” themes it has adopted before. According to Subway, the logo redesign is the next step in the brand’s evolution, ensuing the addition of a plethora of premium menu items, such as the rotisserie-style chicken and carved turkey breast, in addition to the launch of Subway Digital, the company’s tech-focused division. As reported in our sister publication Restaurant Business, 12 Subway units are currently sporting the new design and have been opened as test stores. Employees might turn around, grab an item from one of the bins that are positioned at customers’ eye level, and slice it right there, Haynes said. Haynes suggested that further changes are in the works. As ‘Two spots’ presented a reinvigorated logo to complement its new chain (since the “best way to stay fresh is to never get stale"), Subway also jumped on the bandwagon and is debuting a new logo to revamp the face of its brand; the first time it has expressively altered the key element of its visual identity since all the way back in 2001. Whereas the old design seemed to hint that the sandwich chain was a bonified Fast-food joint, the newer version has taken the health game up a notch as it makes the chain appear rather like an established brand with class. Hard seats are being replaced with more comfortable versions, according to Haynes, who said that contemporary music will be aired in stores. My first thought was the Safety Kleen logo (shape obviously, not color). "We have about eight different designs, from a kiosk up to a full freestanding unit with a drive-thru," he continued. I can see this becoming highly recognizable, relevant, and successful as it becomes the social media icon — which I’m guessing it will.”. It seems like there isn’t a strip mall in the United States that is without a Subway restaurant, and in the FRCH Design Worldwide is leading the redesign that will start with 12 pilot locations across the country. Guests will be invited to place orders via self-service kiosks. Subway Canada to refresh its look with new design, menu items. The logo redesign hasn’t come easy on the public, since it is hard to dissociate Subway from the prevalent logo we have seen everywhere, for years on end. Their food is garbage. After hours of deliberate speculation, we came to the conclusion that the new Subway logo is not all that bad, and the icon is in fact a clever take on negative spaces, which could make it much more memorable. This “Y” is my new most-hated part of the logo; it makes me really upset. The new symbol and logo, in conjunction with the additional visual assets, will roll out to all Subway digital experiences, communications, and restaurants, worldwide beginning in early 2017. The new logo stands confident, bold, and tall, perfectly embodying the true essence of the brand in a contemporary, refreshed look. All Rights Reserved, #CreativeBranding: Subway Logo Redesign To Foray Into A Facelift. Poor color choice IMHO. In order to design a memorable logo, the Sandwich chain has also announced a new symbol, similarly capitalizing on the arrows to retain a vestige of the brand’s former identity. Subway's vice president of operations Trevor Haynes describes the look and feel of the design as more contemporary, "from the color scheme to the finishes, the technology, the display of food." This is a relatively softer pivot from the notions of “Fresh is what we do”, and “Eat Fresh” themes it has adopted before. According to Armin Vit, Co-founder of UnderConsideration: “The new logo design accentuates the appendage feeling of the old logo, with the arrow of the letter “Y” extending far beyond its visual area and making a sharp 90-degree turn. How To Use Motion Graphics To Enhance Your Design Strategy? Trouver un restaurant Subway près de chez vous n'a jamais été aussi simple ! It looks like it belongs to a cheap software company! With over 45,000 locations worldwide, Subway is the largest restaurant chain in the world. In its defense, the orangier yellow and lighter green go great together and the new font does a more consistent job of exuding a sense of pathways. When the eyes of the world were riveted to the Rio Olympic opening ceremony, the popular sandwich chain Subway decided to make a subtle distraction with a brand new ad campaign that threw the avid customers in a sudden disarray. However, he hopes that the application will make a better case for it. Seriously though, I create ads for Subway print direct mail magazines … what’s the name of the new font they’re using? An improvement, but still could use some help., Has Subway been browsing LogoArchive?, — LogoArchive (@LogoArchive) August 8, 2016, So Subway's new logo looks a little like Waste Management's logo. Now, the chain hopes to get a fresh start.”. While the Twitterati have already passed their verdicts, our panelists for today discuss how adapting a new icon for their brand identity is going to fare for Subway: Most people still have the old Subway logo stuck inside their heads, since that’s what they are accustomed to seeing across all stores; a stripped-back version of the original logo, devoid of the stroke and employing a single color that is a classier take on the original logo. Greener Horizons For Subway. While the highly unfortunate Jared Fogle situation was an utter calamity that may have entailed a fresh start for the brand, the refresh should have come more aptly in terms of a brand face; defining what customers will eat and what they are when they eat at Subway. A year after first announcing they planned to redefine their identity following a series of less than favorable headlines, bosses this month launched a "powerful new symbol" for the fast-food service. Technology figures large in the redo, which Subway has christened Fresh Forward. Simplifying the logo promotes staying fresh and forward-thinking #branding, — Rebecca Probets (@RProbets) August 10, 2016, Subway unveils redesigned logo and new symbol – It's Nice That, new one is better, but old one has more emotion, New @SUBWAY logo is a work of art. michael hertz, designer of new york city's subway map, dies at 87 nancy blum's mosaic murals introduce a bucolic atmosphere to new york's subway SUBWAY ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN (28 articles), — Jay Carr (@AstrosTracker) August 5, 2016, New Subway logo. A pickup station is included for to-go and delivery orders placed via smartphone app or Messenger chat bot. Professional and four-wheel drivers have access to tech, Drivers reduced total vehicle journeys by 35%, index shows, CEO Forsythe on private-label fuel, gaming and whether delivery and curbside pickup are here to stay, Brands include Kill Cliff, Defy, Weller and CBD Living. 2025 Planned Subway Map. Corporate retail news affecting the convenience-store industry. A Look Inside Subway's New Design By Aimee Harvey on Jul. The yellow-green is a way to refresh our look while remaining true to the brand’s roots by using the vibrant color palette of the mid ’60s when we were founded.”. Metro is getting a wave of new cars for the Red and Purple subway lines and, if the latest design is to be believed, they might look a lot different than the cars in operation now. A bold move. #logodesign #graphicdesign, — Designed By Jimmi (@DesignedByJimmi) August 9, 2016, Much needed. "With the vegetable display, customers walked into the restaurant and said, 'Are you the first Subway restaurant to cut the vegetables?' #GivingTuesday Roundup: 30 Most Inspirational Illustration Designers On Behance! NEW YORK — The next-generation subway car could have a new look. Do not sell my personal infoPrivacy PolicyContact UsRSS. The new logo has already been employed in two ads, directed by the US agency MMB and premiered during the Olympic coverage. SALES / SUPPORT : 855-752-5503 (Mon-Fri, 09:00-17:00 EST). There are no doors between them. The one in the “S” is a little less annoying but only because it’s less prominent. The reimaging also includes touches intended to make dine-in guests more comfortable. Complimentary Wi-Fi will be provided, along with USB charging ports. INFOGRAPHIC: 21 Things You Wish You Knew In Your 20s As An Entrepreneur. The news of the Subway logo is quite gaining traction since it also relates to the brand’s new digital division that will focus on leveraging technology to boost brand loyalty and customer engagement. However now, the brand seeks to present the same ideas in a more subdued, softer fashion, which is far less memorable than the comic Jon Lovitz and Felon Jared! However, while the new logo does appear stylish, we can’t help but think that it’s much ado about nothing. Subway Launches New Logo Design True to their word, the people at Subway recently released a new logo to help support "the evolution of the brand". By Candice Choi The Associated Press Posted July 17, 2017 1:57 pm. The Milford, Conn.-based chain is also switching to digital menu boards for a more visual ordering experience. In addition to equity marks and ads, Subway has launched the #SearchforBetter campaign, which it intends to use across TV advertisements. As usual it’s a challenge to accept change at first but even after due deliberation and rational thinking, it is still difficult to see the improvement beyond a step in to the realm of today’s minimalist trend, and the fad of reverting back in time to a former rendition of the company’s logo; Armin sees the new logo as the evolution of the pre-2000s logos. The restaurant chain’s new Fresh Forward store concept has been created by US-based retail design consultancy FRCH Design Worldwide. The open-gangway design allows passengers to walk between all the cars. According to Subway, the rebrand aspires to render “a contemporary, renewed look” to the brand with the vibrant colors “optimized to live and work seamlessly across all channels.” The newly designed icon “narrows down the arrows into a simple mark”, thus forming a smaller, and more usable icon for social media. Totally appropriate. Subway has been slicing vegetables for 50 years.". According to Suzanne Greco, Subway’s president and CEO, “We are on an exciting journey to meet the changing tastes of our guests. According to Kate Taylor, the Food and Beverage Reporter at Business Insider: “Subway has struggled to fight it out with the competition in the past few years, and has been losing ground in the fast food game that it once led after it lost its most famous pitchman, Jared Fogle, when he pleaded guilty to child pornography charges last year. #CreativeBranding: Behold Elders Of Verizon; Yahoo Is Taking An “Oath”. The new stores are estimated to cost as much as $320,000 to build, said Haynes, although costs for remodeling current stores have yet to be determined. The new brand spot, “Clean Slate”, portrays vignettes including a female teen partaking avidly in a co-ed football team, a man inspired by his daughter exercising to extend his life, a disabled man pumping iron, and a family adopting a dog from a shelter!

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