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People always think that white space means that it should be white in color but it’s not from design perspective. White space is a very useful technique when you’re creating design layouts. Active White Space — This is the space that you make a conscious effort to add to your design for emphasis and structure. Its just the space between elements to make them more visible, clear and beautiful. Functionality, sophistication, energy and personal history are key in all the designs that we do. More. The experience of growing into your new visual identity - whether you’re a corporation or a solo-preneur - is transformative. 104 likes. WORK. In the Proportion Lesson, we discussed how to use the 8pt Grid System to determine the size of UI elements. Our works in brand and design will give you a closer look over our dedication to brand and design works. Whitespace offers an extraordinary portfolio of capabilities that enable us to deliver solutions to our clients. Amount of Elements . EXPLORE THE WHITE SPACE OF OPPORTUNITIES WITH US] Reach Beyond The Web [BRAND BUILDING: KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER: Every brand has the potential to make it big with a slight push using a smart strategy. I enjoy helping people like you who have BIG creative dreams and need help to get organised so they can be more productive, achieve their goals and live with purpose!. COHESIVE BRANDING. Email. We design albums for life’s sweetest moments. Read More > day-to-day marketing. mix + match your favourite page designs from the printable planners and create a planner unique to YOU! White space does not have to necessarily be white, and it is not wasted space. White space should not be considered merely "blank" space — it is an important element of design which enables the objects in it to exist at all; the balance between positive (or non-white) and the use of negative spaces is key to aesthetic composition. Although many may consider it a waste of valuable screen estate, whitespace is an essential element in design. Your website will be easy for search engines (and thus people) to find because we adhere to the most current web standards in website design, HTML and CSS coding. bar/bat mitzvahs & Special occasions. As we’ve seen during the course of this tutorial, white space can really improve the legibility and overall aesthetic quality of your layout designs. Space it too far apart, however, and the reader feels a disconnection and can lose their place in the text. A balanced arrangement of the blank space enhances the ease of scanning the website. It communicates your image and message across various platforms and helps generate customers and trust. We work with expanding businesses to draw out their core, unique brand and make sure it speaks to the people that matter the most. It is vital to strategize your market and know your customer through well-planned marketing funnel and strategy to achieve better results. 1. "Since the advent of the new label designs created by White Space we have seen a significant increase in sales of those wine varieties. Our goal at White Space Design is to create beautiful spaces that reflect our clients' personalities and lives. You merely changed its color from white to grayscale. FUSElife 2020 Chic Digital Planner : Monday start $ 17.00 $ 6.80; Sale! At Whitespace Design … BRANDING. We’re a team of researchers, engineers and technologists (along with a few former CTOs). We take a holistic approach to web design: we will consider all of your needs in order to design a website that will be effective for you and the visitors to your site. Having a cohesive look attracts your audience and inspires confidence in your brand. There is no job too big or small for us. We all want to make an impact, that is the very reason why so much thought goes into each style and concept we create. We work on projects of varying sizes, from decor only projects to design and execution of ground-up new construction. In essence, white space in design creates focus, balance and reinforces quality and professionalism. We design, develop & build new ideas, products & ventures. Linear Progression. WHAT. Text that’s tightly spaced feels cluttered and is difficult to read. It is visually appealing and creates a clean, relaxing visual effect. HOW CAN WE HELP? CONTACT. It’s simply the space that gives your eyes a place to rest and focus on the most important elements in front of you. It might be the space between letters and words or between two graphic elements next to one another. Having all that in mind, let’s recap what we can achieve using white space in web design: 1. Moreover, white space helps to reduce the information clutter on the page, giving a content more breath. Put simply without space; you don’t have a design. Lines are broken as necessary to fill line boxes. FUSElife 2020 Burst Digital Planner : Monday start $ 17.00 $ 6.80; Sale! For example, the study mentioned above also found that reading speed, legibility, and comprehension were affected by micro white spaces like line margins. I Need A Brand – I Need A. From project inception... a blank piece of paper, an empty building, at whitespace... we design, cost, and project manage the installation of: full office fit-out and refurbishment; commercial furniture and storage; mezzanine & industrial shelving; We are dedicated to our clients and always endeavor to meet every need of the client. nowrap Collapses white space as for normal, but suppresses line breaks (text wrapping) within the source. You know you need it – but can’t find … Active White Space: This is the space that you make a conscious effort to add to your design for emphasis and structure. Often found in minimal, flat, and material design, ... etc. Designers believe in using white space for elegance and ensuring a quality user experience. What we do. Nothing was broken, so nothing was fixed. Keep these tips in mind for creating your own minimal layouts in InDesign: While it may be tempting to fill up all available space with lots of information to showcase your product, it has been shown that doing so actually has the opposite effect. Graphic design is a way to communicate a certain message by using typography, visual arts or page layout techniques whether we are talking about newspapers, ads, logos and branding or websites. WHY. Even though it’s called whitespace, it doesn’t necessarily have to be white. White Space Creative. The implementation of white space in a design layout should be determined based on information gained through UX research. Design Corina Ciripitca • October 13, 2011 • 4 minutes READ . That's Me. Our frameworks of W-Stepladder™ and BrandXsence™ have made us accountable to solve any given projects. We’re a creative brand and graphic design consultancy near Bath. This is why values for white space are typically subjective because they’re based on the website layout itself. Improve the legibility of text. We have now instructed White Space to renew the entire suite of wine labels including our Sparkling range.”Their listening, thoughtfulness, knowledge and experience ensured that the design work was ready with minimal revision and on brand every time. The less elements you have on your page, the more powerful each individual element becomes. Save money and receive a professional quality keepsake to last a lifetime. The best value for white space depends heavily on the situation and the purpose of the webpage. pre Sequences of white space … The best approach to using white space in UI Design is both an art AND a science. Sequences of white space are collapsed. The white space is InDesign's pasteboard area. projects. Here’s a guide to the effective use of white space in web design. White Space Design Guides Your Visitor’s Gaze. Your story consistently and creatively communicated through words and visuals. Why is White Space Good For Graphic Design. White space is the reason why your visitors will first look at your headline, then move to the copy, proceed to the form and finally your call-to-action button. WHO. Like we described in The Zen of White Space in Web Design, minimalism affects your site in a couple ways: the amount of elements present, and the perception of luxury. And bring a community of innovators together. Those experiments to find what worked for me developed into the 5 simple systems known as FUSElife, my signature planning + productivity framework … White Space Staging & Design, Brooklyn, New York. WE DESIGN TRANSFORMATIVE BRANDS. Showcase some examples which is filled with other colors and falls under this article. It draws a user’s attention and to emphasize certain elements like a headline, logo or graphic inside our design. Why is branding important? Active white space is often asymmetrical, which makes the design look more dynamic and active. Micro white space is the term used to describe the smaller elements of white space in a particular design. – RECENT PROJECTS. White space (or “negative space”) is an empty space between and around elements of a page. Newline characters in the source are handled the same as other white space. As a designer, I’ve always believed that whitespace is THE fundamental building block of good design. OFFLINE PRODUCTIONS : CAMPAIGN STRATEGY: … View Our Work. Inexpert use of white space, however, can make a page appear incomplete. Head up your business' innovation? It is the portion of the page left unmarked; the space between graphics, margins and gutters. FUSElife 2020 Burst Digital Planner : Sunday start $ 17.00 $ 6.80; Sale! WHITESPACE DESIGN OFFERS VISUAL STORYTELLING FOR YOUR BRAND. It is a collective in the non-traditional sense: here, the ‘collective’ is the symbiotic exchange of ideas utilized and developed between the designer and client. http://www.hcg-corporate-designs.com As the wording suggests, white space is the white or "empty" space between pictures, graphics or text. Brand identity – I Need BrandED ITEMS – I Don’t Know What I Need! “Whitespace is to be regarded as an active element, not a passive background” — Jan Tschichold It’s important when you’re putting together a design layout that you let elements on the page breathe. Best practices while trying to design with whitespace . Custom Planner Service $ 20.00 $ 15.00; Sale! White Space Album Design. 1. We help businesses innovate, from the small things that can make a big difference to more-involved 'Eureka!' Nice article on white space. Are you a bride, a busy parent or a swamped photographer? FYI, some software updates change these little preference settings so it's good to know how to tweak them. Many of the concepts below were inspired by this article from Nathan Curtis. Glad you now have your workspace set up to your liking! As whitespace is capable of emphasizing a particular element of a layout, it is one of the most effective ways of guiding your users through a website. This article would talk about how to wisely use white space and make this a habit while working with a design team. Sale! With the help of white space, you can establish a visual hierarchy for visitors by dictating which element they should see first and which element needs to follow. White space in web/UI design is one of the trickier concepts because it deals with larger ideas like content placement, balance, and overall composition. A simple and beautiful solution to creating an album of your most precious pictures. When designers talk about whitespace, they actually mean negative space, the space between elements in a composition. The Final Word on White Space . Read on for a summary of how to apply white space to your InDesign layouts. Sadly, many clients and managers consider white space as wasted space. We use design and staging to help prepare properties for sale, highlighting strengths and maximizing appeal. From a design perspective, white space is a vital tool. Tips for Applying White Space to Your Layouts. The blank space may be of any color, texture, or even an image. Engagements & Weddings. WHITE/SPACE is a design landscaping venture that seeks to balance all aspects of aesthetic composition, to fortify general brand awareness and a cohesive identity. Add micro white space whenever your design needs a little more breathing room but you don’t have enough canvas left to work with. The website is easier to scan. Hi I’m Jacqui Smith, the designer here at WhiteSpace Design Studio.

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