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Please note that courses are subject to change. Schedule, Advanced Global Justice Clinic - for LLMs (04/27/2020) Changed title of the course. The law can both constrain and enable the behavior of museum staff, administration, and others who work with these cultural organizations. Spring 2021 Updated daily. Course offerings for Spring 2021 are still tentative. Summer 2020 Updated daily (212) 998-6100, Spring 2021 Changes to Course Information. Schedule, Class and Inequality Seminar (06/18/2020)  Schedule, Trying Atrocity Crimes Seminar (10/06/2020)  Schedule, Tax Policy ONLINE and for MSL (08/19/2020) 40 Washington Sq. for 2020-2021 Academic Year As NYU SPS students, faculty and staff members, and administrators return to campus for the 2020-2021 academic year, we want to ensure that we share the very latest updates and provide a centrally located resource to help answer all of your questions regarding policies and procedures. Sunday, July 25, 2021 : Last day of classes: Third 3-Week Session. Schedule, Sexuality, Gender, and the Law Seminar (07/10/2020) Tel. Last Day to Add a Course. Schedule, Corporate Tax I ONLINE and for MSL (08/14/2020) Schedule, Law and Tradition in China: Change and Continuity (09/29/2020) Tel. Schedule, Oil and Gas Tax ONLINE and for MSL (08/14/2020) The instructors of this clinic have changed. Below find the list of Bill of Rights classes. Schedule, Gender in Comparative Constitutionalism (6/11/2020) Undergraduate Course Schedules. Changed the course title. All courses are at 20 Cooper Square unless otherwise noted. Schedule, Global Justice Clinic - for JDs Seminar (04/27/2020) TBA Food Law and Policy Seminar (6/8/2020) Profs. ... NYU Around the World. The Contemporary Short Story: An Anatomy and Intensive Introduction CEH-GA 3051 Spring in New York allows students a chance to enroll in courses at NYU to enhance current studies or explore a new subject. Get Free Classes Nyu Law now and use Classes Nyu Law immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping. This course does not meet the experiential learning requirement. Schedule, Corporate Tax II ONLINE and for MSL (08/14/2020) Richard Stewart Labor Law (6/11/2020) Profs. Need help? Introduction to U.S. Law (LL.M.) Schedule, Transfer Pricing ONLINE and for MSL (08/19/2020) Schedule, Environment Justice Seminar 12/17/2020 Schedule, Class and Inequality Seminar: The Covid-19 Crisis (06/12/2020) Schedule Schedule. Schedule, Natural Resources Law and Policy (12/18/2020)  Fall and Spring semesters are 12 weeks; each class meets once on Saturday. Abu Dhabi and Shanghai course equivalencies For Abu Dhabi students, please see the Abu Dhabi course equivalencies on this page . Students will participate in real-time virtual class sessions during the meeting times which Albert lists in the location’s time zone. 2020 - 2021 Academic Year Update. Schedule, Gender in Constitutional Law (07/22/2020)  Schedule, International Estate Planning (08/13/2020)  Removed footnote from course. South, New York, NY 10012. Provides the student with insights into the social factors in human life. (212) 998-6100. Change from 2 to 1 credit, changed duration of the class meetings to only half of the semester. Graduate Program. January 22. Schedule, Advanced Global Justice Clinic (04/27/2020) Schedule, Gender in Comparative Constitutionalism (06/11/2020) Tuesday, July 27, 2021 Correction made to instructors. Schedule, Introduction to U.S. Civil Procedure (for LLM students) (07/6/2020) Schedule, Supreme Court Seminar (09/29/2020)  Course Title Notes Pre/Co Requisites Instructor Cr. Schedule, © 2020 New York University School of Law. Will be available for bidding by Monday, November 2, 2020. Therefore, it is difficult to work in, for and with museums without some training in or familiarity with the law. Schedule, Torts: Product Liability (06/15/2020) Students will participate in real-time virtual class sessions during the meeting times which Albert lists in the location’s time zone. February 10. Please check back frequently for updates. Contact the NYU IT Service Desk, open 24x7 for support by email or phone.NYU IT … Schedule. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Remil ilmi. Class and Inequality Seminar (06/18/2020) Change of course title. Fall 2020 Updated daily. Professional Responsibility - Section 7 (10/29/2020) Global Justice Clinic - for JDs (04/27/2020) Schedule, International Tax III ONLINE and for MSL (08/14/2020) Natural Resources Law and Policy(12/16/2020) The instructors of this clinic have changed. Schedule, Criminal Law (10/06/2020)  Spring 2021 Updated daily. Schedule, The Business of Law Seminar (09/29/2020) New instructors of this course and seminar have been added. NYU Law School: Due to the change in semester start dates, cross-registration for NYU Law classes will be not be offered for spring 2021. Business School: The Business School has reserved a limited number of seats for Law School students. Please refer to the 2020-2021 Registration Calendar for additional important dates. Summer 2020 Updated daily. Schedule, Survey of Tax Procedure ONLINE and for MSL (08/19/2020) Changed from a scheduled take-home to an in-class exam. Here is what we would like you to do at this time: I would suggest that you run the query PE_SR_CLASS_TERM_SUBJECT for your subject for Spring 2021 and save this as of today. Schedule, Corporate Tax for ITP Students (6/9/2020) January 4. New instructors of this seminar have been added. Schedule, Housing Law Externship (6/12/2020) The instructors of this clinic have changed. Syracuse University College of Law December 22, 2020 Spring 2021 Schedule of Classes Elective Upperclass Courses Class No. Stage Design - A Discussion between Industry Professionals. Upon finishing the LLM requirements in Fall 2021, you will graduate with the master’s degree from the Law … Schedule, Legislation and the Regulatory State Section 2(08/12/2020) Sec. Schedule, Estate Planning ONLINE and for MSL (08/14/2020) Schedule, International Tax I & II (07/8/2020) To view a course description and syllabus, click on each course’s Title. Bill of Rights Classes for Transfer Students Students who transferred with three (3) or fewer credits of Constitutional Law must complete a Bill of Rights class in order to satisfy the NYU School of Law Constitutional Law Requirement. You can use the Schedule Worksheet to assist you in planning out your schedule prior to registering for your classes. Schedule, Government Anti-Corruption Externship Seminar (06/12/2020) Changed course to remote. Spring 2021 » (minor updates still possible) Fall 2020 » Summer 2020 » Spring 2020 » January 28 - May 10, 2021. February 10. Sunday, July 11, 2021 : Last day of classes: 7-Week Session. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Holiday) Monday. Schedule, Prosecution Externship - Southern District (6/11/2020) Spring Term Begins. Schedule, International Business Transactions for IBRLA Students Seminar (07/22/2020)  2021 – Spring. Summer is divided into two six-week semesters; each class meets at both times on Saturday (9 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1-4 p.m.). Friday. Schedule, International Tax I ONLINE and for MSL (08/14/2020) Schedule, Taxation of Private Equity Transactions ONLINE and for MSL (08/19/2020) Schedule, Estate and Gift Taxation ONLINE and for MSL (08/14/2020) These unprecedented times have called for unprecedented measures. Schedule January 28. Schedule, 1L Reading Group (09/2/2020)  Results for Spring 2021 Cycle #1 will be available on Monday, August 24 at 1:30 pm. Deborah Malamud Corporate Governance Seminar (6/29/2020) Profs. Change of course title. Schedule, Private Foundations and Their Alternatives ONLINE and for MSL (08/14/2020) Schedule, Prosecution Externship - Southern District Course and Seminar (06/12/2020)  January Term 2021 Classes Begin. spring 2021 update NYU and the Department of Psychology are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all of our students, faculty, and staff, in addition to continuing to provide the best possible academic experience. January 18. Fall 2020 Updated daily. Changed course title. Schedule, International Commercial Arbitration (06/24/2020) Spring 2021 Core Curriculum Course List Updated on 12/15/2020. Dept. The instructors of this seminar have changed. Civil Litigation (4/24/2020) Profs. Schedule, Legislative and Regulatory Process Clinic (06/11/2020) The NYU Creative Writing Program. Tuesday, July 27, 2021 : Last day of active waitlists for classes scheduled during the Fourth 3-Week Session. Law and Global Governance Seminar 12/08/2020 Schedule, Advanced Global Justice Clinic Seminar (04/27/2020) Schedule, Value Added Taxation ONLINE and for MSL (08/19/2020) Schedule, Taxation of Mergers and Acquisitions ONLINE and for MSL (08/19/2020) The instructors of this seminar have changed. Please view this full Spring 2021 Global Courses list with meeting patterns google sheet. Schedule, Third Party Investment in Litigation: Law, Policy and Practice 12/09/2020 Enjoy the benefits available to NYU students—academic resources, libraries, and student activities. Search. Students from departments outside of History must receive approval from the instructor prior to enrolling in a History course. Num. Courses Spring 2021. Schedule, Transfer Pricing (Section 1) (08/18/2020)  Schedule, Corporations (for 1Ls) (09/29/2020) Schedule, Republics and Republicanism: Politics and Law Seminar (12/08/2020)  Monday, July 26, 2021 : First day of classes scheduled in the Fourth 3-Week Session. Schedule, Tax-exempt Organizations ONLINE and for MSL (08/19/2020) Legal issues pervade so many aspects of the world of museums. September 8, 2020. Electives are the last tab and … is among the most distinguished programs in the country and is a leading national center for the study of writing and literature. Schedule, Tax Fraud and Technology: Blockchain, Zappers, Phantomware, SSaaS & the Dark Could ONLINE and for MSL (08/19/2020) Negotiating Corporate Transactions (07/22/2020) Change from simulation to course. Thursday. Schedule, Taxation of Financial Instruments ONLINE and for MSL (08/19/2020) Please view this full Spring 2021 Global Courses list with meeting patterns google sheet. Schedule, Investment Treaty Arbitration (06/11/2020) Bldg: Angelos Law School Room: 016 Days: W Time: 8:30am - 9:45am Instructor:STAFF,LAW Schedule of Classes for Spring 2021 Run Date: 03/13/2020 Run Time: 15:27:56 Schedule, Legislation and the Regulatory State Section 3 (08/13/2020) Introduction to Sociology SOC-UA 1 Offered every semester. Schedule, Advanced Global Justice Clinic Seminar - for LLMs (04/27/2020) Schedule, State Taxation of Native Americans ONLINE and for MSL (08/14/2020) Schedule, Compliance and Risk Management for Attorneys (07/16/2020)  Good Morning, Our office just received the announcement about Spring 2021 like all of you. Schedule, Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax ONLINE and for MSL (08/14/2020) Note: To securely and completely log out of your NYU account when done, NYU recommends that you quit your web browser, especially when using a shared computer. Schedule, Taxation of Mergers and Acquisitions (10/28/2020)  Wednesday. Course Schedule. Instructions for applying for seats may be found on the Business School cross-registration website. New professors added. Course information subject to change. The information below is subject to change. Changed course title. Survey of the field: its basic concepts, theories, and research orientation. Interdisciplinarity CEH-GA 3015 Professor Nadja Millner-Larsen Wednesdays, 12:00-2:30pm. January 2021 Updated daily. Change from 3 credits to 2 credits. Please upload an email with the instructor's endorsement to the Spring 2021 permission code form, along with your request for a permission code.If you want to enroll in an independent study, please complete the Spring 2021 independent study form. David Rosenbloom The Law of Democracy (7/9/2020) Profs. Schedule. Classes are offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters and through intensive periods in January and the late summer. The instructors of this clinic have changed. New professors added. Change from simulation to course. Learn More. Ryan Bubb Tax Treaties (7/8/2020) Profs. New professors added. 40 Washington Sq. As we get more questions and information, the website will be updated with FAQs, further announcements, and updated course schedule.Spring 2021 Academic Options for students who are now outside China:For the Spring 2021 semester, NYU Shanghai will be offering a mix of in-person, blended, and online courses and … Graduate Course Schedules. Spring 2021 Courses listed as online or blended instruction mode in Albert are available to be taken 100% remote synchronously and are available to all students including non-Go Local students. Updated: November 27, 2020NOTE: Content subject to change. Expose… Change from 1 to 2 credits. Spring 2021 Schedule of Classes. South, New York, NY 10012. NYU SPS Returns – COVID-19 Info. Last Day to Drop a Course Without a “W” Wednesday. Topics include social interaction, socialization, culture, social structure, stratification, political power, deviance, social institutions, and social change. Professional Responsibility - Section 6 (10/29/2020) Introduction to Sociology: Honors SOC-UA 2 Offered every two years. Schedule, International Tax II ONLINE and for MSL (08/14/2020) 4 points. Added new professors to the course. Schedule, Tax Aspects of Charitable Giving ONLINE and for MSL  (08/19/2020) Will be available for bidding by Monday, November 2, 2020. Labor and the Constitution Seminar (6/8/2020) Schedule Corporate Tax for ITP Students (6/9/2020) Schedule Cities Seminar (06/11/2020) Schedule Courses that Close in Spring 2021 Cycle #1: For your convenience a list of closed classes and their clearing price will be posted on our Clearing Prices for Closed Classes web page. 4 points. Schedule, Transitional Justice (08/13/2020) The instructors of this seminar have changed. Schedule, © 2020 New York University School of Law. TBA Civil Litigation for LLMs (4/24/2020) Profs. Schedule, Litigating Economic Issues in Intellectual Property Actions (09/29/2020)  Advanced Certificate in Law & Business (ACLB): You can choose to complete the NYU Stern School of Business classes in Summer 2021 that count toward the ACLB. Days Start End Room 37906 LAW 702 M001 Administrative Law 4, … Compliance and Risk Management for Attorneys (07/16/2020) Change from 3 credits to 2 credits. Schedule, Presidential Powers Seminar (10/19/2020)  Change of course title. Labor and the Constitution Seminar (6/8/2020) Monday. That includes a complete re-imagination of the Tandon experience for the 2020-2021 academic year to deliver extraordinary flexibility in terms of how you study, where you study, and when you study — NYU Tandon, your way. Additional information about courses and prerequisite requirements can be found in the 2018 - 2020 Stern Bulletin and in the Course Announcements. Schedule, Negotiating Corporate Transactions (07/22/2020)  Gender in Constitutional Law (07/22/2020) Change of course title. Schedule, Taxation of Executive Compensation ONLINE and for MSL (08/19/2020) Schedule January 4-15, M-F (for students beginning in spring 2021) Winter Interview Program: January 13-15, W-F: All Other Classes Begin: January 19, T (6 days before the University) Last Day to Add a Law School Course: January 26, T at 9:30 am: End of Add/Drop on COURSES: January 26, T at 9:30 am: Credit/Fail Option (J.D.) January Term 2021 Classes End. Schedule. Sociological vs. common-sense understandings of the world. Schedule, Multistate Tax: Sales and Gross Receipts Taxation ONLINE and for MSL (08/14/2020) Schedule, Multistate Taxation: Income Taxation (08/14/2020)

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