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For information on federal and state pay equity laws and resources on how to conduct an effective pay equity audit, visit our Pay Equity resource page. The steady-state value of the nominal interest rate is equal to the steady-state value of the real interest rate, because the steady-state value of inflation is equal to zero. Both Proclamations direct the DHS and the DOL to study of the impact of foreign workers on U.S. workers, and the results of the study could prompt future restrictions on these nonimmigrant programs. However, an employee who has taken some, but fewer than 80 hours of EPSL and then changes employers is entitled to the remaining portion of such leave from their new employer, and only if the new employer is covered by the FFCRA. If your payroll schedule is on a bi-weekly (or more frequent) basis, you may use an “Alternative Payroll Covered Period,” which permits you to align the covered period (for payroll costs only) to your regular payroll schedule. Employees are only entitled to refuse to work if they believe they are in imminent danger. When times are tight, however, those assumptions may not apply. Welcome to the Fisher Phillips website. The California Attorney General may also prosecute companies for violations of the CCPA, and may impose civil penalties of up to $2,500 per violation, or $7,500 for each intentional violation. The employer makes a cash payment before January 1, 2021. Canadians who may qualify under an exception to the closure may suffer through inconsistent guidance on who is permitted to apply at the port of entry for TN (NAFTA professional) and L-1 Intracompany Transferee visas. However, as you increase your workforce, your eligibility for credits may change. You may still need to monitor employee health, including asking about symptoms and taking temperatures, in the near future. Preparation and communication are of utmost importance as crisis like COVID-19 are anxiety and stress ridden. Every employer covered by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) must post in a conspicuous place on its premises a notice of the statute’s requirements. 2018. The CDC recommends that employers notify potentially exposed co-workers of confirmed cases. Documents (account statements, cancelled checks, etc.) The steady-state value of a variable is the one that will prevail in the long run, after business cycle influences have died out. We have developed reinstatement agreements that can be tailored to employer needs. It is important to keep in mind that the DHS’s relaxed requirements apply only to employers who are operating remotely – if there are employees physically present at a work location, then you must follow the normal in-person physical inspection rules. Generally, under normal workers’ compensation procedures, the burden is on the employee to establish that their injury or illness was directly caused by their duties. These designations can, of course, change quickly. The recent experience that suggests a flattening of the Phillips curve has been corroborated by some research.1 What is less clear is what may have been behind the flattening. The expectations were based on a rule that has shaped decades of monetary policy decisions: the Phillips curve, or the … Meanwhile, California’s governor issued an order that presumes most workers who contract COVID-19 after being in the workplace – not just front-line or essential workers – are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Some provide credits, exemptions, or “offsets” for employers that already provide generous leave benefits. eep cleaning and disinfection after a potential or confirmed exposure. In addition, Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) extends broad statutory protection to those employees (in union and non-union settings alike) to engage in “protected concerted activity for mutual aid or protection.” Such activity has been defined to include circumstances in which two or more employees act together to improve their employment terms and conditions, although it has been extended to individual action expressly undertaken on behalf of co-workers. On May 14, the U.S. Treasury announced that borrowers whose loan amount (combined with the loan amount of any affiliates) is less than $2 million is automatically deemed to have made the certification in good faith. However, if any of these individuals have contracts or employment agreements, you will want to make sure that you amend or update the agreements to reflect the correct level of pay. For example, while some local jurisdictions are enacting their own paid sick leave requirements specific to COVID-19, some of these laws apply only to employees not covered by the FFCRA. If our company remains required to remain closed due to a government order, what should we do with the money obtained through an SBA loan? Further, many employees who will be returning to work were not terminated in the first place. UPDATED ANSWER (July 7, 2020)What do we need to know about international travel, visa appointments and Canadian border entries? In general, foreign nationals may qualify for unemployment benefits if they are authorized to work, are unemployed through no fault of their own, meet the work and wage requirements of the state, and meet any additional state requirements. What policies were changed based on the crisis? UPDATED QUESTION & ANSWER (April 24, 2020)When a full-time employee’s hours are reduced indefinitely, how long should active group health coverage continue before COBRA is offered?

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