Camp Bowers Provisional Scout Program

Camp Bowers offers youth who cannot attend camp with their own troop the opportunity to be adopted by another troop for a week. We have openings for all weeks of camp.

New for 2019:

Camp Bowers Outfitted with Brand New Poly Tents.  We are excited to announce that we have replaced every tent at Camp Bowers with the new lightweight poly tents.  Each tent comes equipped with mesh screen doors, windows, and ventilated ridge lines.  Every one of our new tent platforms will hold a new tent.  Additionally we have installed Mt. Rippy in our Lake.  The 10ft. high Action Tower XXL creates a whole new level of fun for Scouts during free swim.  There is still time to register for camp, see the information below.

IMG_1909 Action-Tower-XXL_a-main-1024x457

Program Highlights:

žAir-Conditioned Dining Hall

žGAGA Ball Pits

žStandup Paddleboarding

žWatersports Merit Badge at White Lake

žTent Frames & Platforms

  • All tents have steel frames
  • All campsites fully equipped

ActionTower XXL

Airconditioned Scoutmasters Lounge with WIFI