COPE & Climbing

October 21-23 – Climbing MB Campout (limited 50 Scouts)

Come campout at Camp Bowers and spend the day climbing, rappelling, and traversing the Tango Tower. Scouts will earn Climbing merit badge & Climb on safely training. Cost is $25 per scout; food, gear, instructors are included.



February 18 – COPE Day at Camp Bowers (limited to 32 Scouts)

Calling all Patrol Leaders, Senior Patrol Leaders, Scoutmasters, and Venturers!!! Bring your Patrol of 8 Scouts for an intense day of team building activities. Improve communication, leadership, planning, and self-reliance through a Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (COPE). This course is limited to only 32 Scouts, cost is $35 per scout; gear and instructors are included.



April 28-30 – ***COPE Level II Certification*** 

(Must have attended one previous COPE/Climbing activity, Must be 21 years or older)

This is a “must have” training for any Boy Scout Troop. Scout leaders with COPE Level II Training can open and operate the Climbing Tower, Tango Tower, COPE Course, & Zipline without the need for a Camp School Certified instructor. That means your troop can use the entire Challenge Valley whenever you want for a huge discount! Sign up early as registration is expected to reach capacity quickly. Cost is $100 per person, food, gear, instructors, and all training materials provided.