Critter Call

Attention All Critters


2018 Cape Fear Critter Call

Have you ever had the thought: I would love to get back together with my Wood Badge patrol.  Or even a desire to see that loud mouthed fox that drove you nuts during your course?  A few folks in the Cape Fear Council have come together and are organizing the Cape Fear Critter Call.  Why, you ask?

The mission of the Cape Fear Critters is to provide financial and leadership support to the training of youth and adults in the Cape Fear Council through Wood Badge, National Youth Leadership Training, and other leadership programs.

When: May 11-13 (Check in Starts at 5p)

Where: Camp Bowers

Who:  All Wood Badge Beaders.  2016 Course Participants Included

What to Bring:  Camping Gear, Wood Badge Paraphernalia, Great Leadership Ideas, Wood Badge Gear Available for Purchase

What Will We Do: Fellowship, Games, Eat

How Much: $31.00 / Person

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                10p                         Cracker Barrel (Bring a Favorite Camp Appetizer)


                8a                           Return to Gilwell Field (Breakfast to Follow)

                12:30p                   Lunch

                6p                           Potluck Dinner

**(Make your Favorite Dutch Oven Meal or Dessert All will Eat at Dining Hall.  Collaborate with a fellow Critter!!!!)**


                8a                           Breakfast (Service to Follow)