Trails End Popcorn

NEW for 2019!

  • PEANUTS! – in addition to popcorn, Trails End is adding 2 peanut options to the order form.


  • FREE shipping on all online orders!


  • Trails End App – track show-n-sell locations, sells, inventory, accept payment by credit card (with no fees)


  • Trails End Rewards Program – Gift Cards. Scouts can purchase exactly what they want.


  • $500 FREE RETAIL for new selling units – any Scout unit that did not participate in the Trails End Popcorn Sale in either 2017 or 2018, will receive $500 in FREE retail just for participating this year!


  • UNC-Pembroke Basketball Game – $500 qualification for Lumber River and Lakes Districts


  • Share more stories of impact – this is much more than a fund-raiser… it is a life changer and we want to hear and tell more stories about how this experience has changed and impacted the lives of our Scouts.


Key benefits about the Trails End Popcorn Sale:

  • We are selling “Scouting” and the many benefits that our program has to offer young people in our communities. We are NOT selling “Popcorn”.  This is an opportunity for our community to make a donation to Scouting and in return, we are giving them some popcorn. 


  • Scouting can be expensive and this sale provides an opportunity for parents to get help with the cost of the Scouting program for their child.


  • A Scout is Thrifty! If Scouts work hard in the Popcorn Sale, they will have paid their way through Scouting (and earned some great prizes along the way).  “Fund Your Adventure” and develop a great work ethic along the way.


  • It teaches goal setting, perseverance, builds confidence and enhances presentation skills; all attributes which are critical for Scouts, from class presentations to the college application/interview process and beyond.


  • It provides a substantial income to your unit and to the Cape Fear Council. Your Scout unit becomes a partner to the Cape Fear Council in making the Scouting program available to all young people in southeastern North Carolina.


  • It gives a parent in your unit the opportunity to become involved as the Popcorn Sales Leader/Kernel. Cubmasters and Scoutmasters already have enough responsibility. Invite a parent to provide leadership to this great cause.

 2019 Popcorn Sales Schedule

August 31 – District Popcorn Kick-off completed

September 8 – Orders for Show-N-Sell product due

September 20 – Show-N-Sell Pickup by Units

Sept. 21-28  – Blitz Week (first week of sale)

October 1 – Blitz Week Orders Due

October 26 – Sale Officially Ends

October 27 – Popcorn Order submitted online

November 8 – Order Pickup by Units

November 26 – Unit Account Settlement 30% Commission

December 7  – Council Popcorn Party at Jungle Rapids

 (must sell $750 to attend, please email us at, by Nov. 29 if attending)

After Dec. 3 – Unit Account Settlement 20% Commission

Important Resources

Unit Reference Guide

Blitz Week Overview

Blitz Week Report

5% Bonus Commission Form

Golden Kernal Club Tshirt Order Form

Unit Commitment Form – 2019

If you have additional questions about the Trails End Popcorn Sale, please contact your unit popcorn kernel, a District POPS Team Member or call Council Popcorn Staff Advisor, Trey Glenham at (910) 395-1100 ext. 110.