How Can Our Family Make the Most of Fall Family Camp?

This is a great question.  First timers at Camp McNeill can often feel overwhelmed by the size of our facility and feel pressure to visit every single area of camp before you leave.  Here are 5 tips to help you get the most enjoyment out of your visit to Camp McNeill:

Pack light& Bring a wagon.  Many times families bring much more gear than they could ever use in one weekend.  Bring refillable water bottles instead of that heavy case of water or cases of soda, pack snacks that don’t require a heavy cooler, look for a foam sleeping pad instead of that heavy air mattress.  Bringing a beach buggy or wagon from home will make transporting your gear much easier, plus you can use it during the day to carry your supplies. Here are some genius camping hacks to help you decide what to bring.

Attend the flag ceremony on Saturday morning.  This is where key announcements are made to the whole camp before the day starts.  Some weeks have special programs that happen at certain times, and this may be your first chance to hear about it.  We also recommend that your Scout comes in uniform as we enjoy asking the Cub Scouts if they would like to help with the flag raising.

Pack some snacks for your little ones (and maybe Mom & Dad too).  Lots of walking and playing means that the kids will be expending lots of energy and snacks can help keep irritability at bay.

Take personal time with your kids to enjoy their favorite area of camp.  Build your own adventure.  There is much to do at Camp McNeill and it can be overwhelming to try to cram everything into your first trip there.  Feel free to explore camp at your own pace.  Maybe take a hike to Camp Bowers for the elusive Pokestop, or spend an hour at the mine shaft just playing with friends.

Participate in the Saturday evening Campfire.  We invite all of our Scouts and families to do a skit, sing a song, or tell a joke at our Saturday evening campfire.  This is a great opportunity for your Scout to begin to build some confidence in public speaking with a very responsive and polite crowd.

We hope these few tips help you enjoy a great weekend at Camp McNeill Fall Family Camp.  We’ll see you soon!

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