Klahican Carnivorous Plants Patch set

Carnivorous Plants of Southeastern NC

Limited Six Piece Patch Set – Sold in Sets Only

Klahican Lodge is pleased to offer this set of patches featuring carnivorous plants located in southeastern NC.

  • Each set includes all six patches and a booklet giving a history of each plant.
  • The Venus Flytrap will be on a back patch. All others are pocket flaps.
  • Ghosted items are the Lodge Totem Venus Flytrap and WWW.
  • All sets will be individually numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Klahican Lodge members may purchase sets at a discounted price of $33.00 each set.

To be able to purchase sets at the discounted price you must be a Klahican Lodge member in good standing, your dues to the Lodge must be current, and you must be currently registered in a troop.

Please note to avoid an additional shipping and handling fee, Lodge Members can either pick up their order at the council office, a Lodge Fellowship or the Annual Lodge Banquet. 

Order Deadline March 17, 2018 | Orders will be shipped as soon as possible after the close of sale.


For Questions: contact Tommy Wallace, Lodge Adviser at twallace0226@gmail.com

All images or artist renderings are for demonstration only final product may vary