The 2020 NYLT course is full. Please complete the registration form below to be placed on the wait list.

  1. Payment in full is due by December 1, 2019 or you may forfeit your spot
  2. Request for reimbursement will be considered only if someone is able to fill your spot.
  3. Participant spots are reserved for Cape Fear Council Scouts until November 1, 2019.  Then available spots, if any, will be open to out-of-council scouts.
  4. Out-of-council scouts may sign up and be placed on a waiting list prior to November 1, 2019.  In the event there are no available spots as of November 1, 2019, a full refund will be provided.
  5. Registrants after December 1, 2019 are not guaranteed course items.
  6. By submitting this application online we certify that the scout has the scoutmaster’s recommendation/approval to take this course.


Early Bird Participant Fee – $195.00 if paid in full by or before 10/15/19;

Fee increases to $210.00 if paid in full after 10/15/19  but by 11/15/19; and

After 11/15/19, Fee increases to $225.00

To make an additional payment for a participant who has a confirmed registration

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