how to bypass flame sensor on furnace

The pilot flame is used to ignite the larger furnace main flame for heating. One of the repairman noted this and replaced the flame sensor, however the trouble persisted. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 3 Answers. Could also be faulty even if there is voltage. I discovered things would start or stop based on wiggling the molex connector on the control board. You have proven that the flame sensor is good when you measured the 3.7 to 4.4 microamps. However, if your furnace is poorly maintained, experiencing operational problems or reaching the end of its operating life, it can encounter some safety issues that can be of serious concern. Install the oil pump bypass plug in the bottom return port. To avoid danger, it is very important to shut off the power to your furnace (or any other appliance), … I am getting 3 flashing red lights on my York gas furnace. I'm not sure what the control board is expecting. The furnace is throwing error code 1 which means is "Ignition attempts or recycles" which makes sense as the burners now fire up producing flame for around 5 seconds or so then shutting off, and restarting the boot cycles of purge (15 seconds) > Igniter pre-warm > Trial ignition period > Gas valve opens > Flames, but not detected by flame sensor, so gas valve shuts and cycle repeats. 1 decade ago. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to help.Please wait to leave rating until we are finished.Unfortunately you can not bypass and manually light the furnace as the control board controls the furnace and until flame igniter has sent signal to board , gas valve will not open. Many boards send constant voltage to the flame sensor,checking for flame when there should not be one. So I cleaned up the flux with qtips and rubbing alcohol. A forum community dedicated to Do it yourself-ers and home improvement enthusiasts. It might be held in place by tabs and slots, knobs or a few screws. I have an old York all-in-one unit. The flame sensor is usually held in place by a single sheet metal screw. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. If there isn't it could be a faulty board. Your first mistake was soldering a board... there is no bypassing a flame sensor, get a new board and go from there. " Hope I can find one for this old beast. Attempt repairs at your own risk. The sensor should slide out where you can carefully remove it. Another suggested the thermostat being the source of the issue due to the blower coming on when heat isnt called for. The pressure sensor has been tested and cleaned, it's not faulty. Source(s): HVAC Tech 18 years. As the gas valve opens to begin the combustion process, ... Actually, you can bypass the flame sensor. 🧛‍♀️. Any voltage from the flame sensor lead to ground? Contractor's Assistant: Do you plan on doing the work yourself? Your microamp reading is within normal range. So I know very little about HVAC but have been reading up. A mild abrasive can be used to clean the debris off of the rod. A furnace flame sensor works by detecting the presence of a flame within the furnace. Tomcat. Yes. Signal went from around 13 to 20VAC to around 45 to 55VAC. On calling for heat, there is around 30VAC. 35 Related Question Answers Found I already took the rod out and it looked pretty clean. I'm looking for a way to bypass the flame sensor, since it not a simple open or closed circuit. It's essentially a confirmation mechanism. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Flame Sensor Location – How to Find a Flame Sensor. Not sure. Lv 6. Flame sensors vary in size (2 to 4 inches) and shape (see examples below). If the flame sensor does not detect a flame, the control board will shut off voltage to the gas valve to prevent the furnace from heating. • Connect a micro-amp meter in series with this wire and the When your furnace is well-maintained and working properly, it doesn’t pose any safety risks to your home. For testing purposes, a flame detector rod bypass circuit can ba made up consisting of 2 insulated alligator clips. I noticed about 15 ohms of resistance in the wires, so I pulled the wires from the molex plug on the control board, carefully remove the old wires and soldered some new high temp 16 gauge wire on the connectors, and replaced them back into the unit and the error code self resolved. Step 2 Unplug the device or, if the device cannot be unplugged, switch the breaker inside the breaker box responsible for the device to the "Off" position. With your furnace’s electrical components still off, remove the panel by either lifting it out of the slot, or pinching the slides on the panel inward and pulling it out. the flame sensor is just a way of exposing the voltage on the flame sensor wire to the furnace burner flames. ... After this sequence, the control module tests to see if flame is sensed. It only takes a second. Actually, you can bypass the flame sensor. Helping You to Do It Yourself! Even after replacing the switch, the error code persisted. The entire time there is less than 0.1 micro amps registered, but during the flame trial there is around 3.7 to 4.4 micro amps DC. Depends on the control board air1. See some steps that might help you fix your home furnace. […] Received 0 Votes on 0 Posts Actually, you can bypass the flame sensor. One such safety hazard is a flame rollout. 2 8" pieces of insulated copper wire, 1-1/4 watt 400 volt diode, and 1-1/4 watt 100k OHM resistor. There is still a lower limit switch. Hello.Sorry you are having problems. First find the flame sensor. The board is not recognizing that current. chad. Most furnaces you will find a white wire located on the left side connecting the flame sensor to the circuit board. I'm having troubles with a monitor heater and a little research has led me to the fact that testing the flamerod is the easiest way to figure out the problem. To locate the flame sensor, you will need to remove the furnace access cover. I am not in the business of any trade I give advice on. Here's a picture of the Monitor 422 Flame Rod bypass circuit.

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