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For example. The metropolis was never silent, but it was now. The definition of a metropolis is a large or main city. 45. Examples of Concede in a sentence. Find more ways to say metropolis, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. You should be able to see fairly easily how to modify the above code to produce a metropolis hastings algorithm (hint: you just need to add the supplemental ratio into the logR calculation). Vespasian marched against "Gadara," which he calls the metropolis of. How to use cosmopolis in a sentence. Constrained Sentence Generation via Metropolis-Hastings Sampling Introduction. Different from previous sentence samplers working in the variational latent space [Bowman et al.2016], CGMH directly samples from the sentence space using the Metropolis-Hastings (MH) algorithm [Metropolis et al.1953] 1953). A second and more artificial cause of the growth of a metropolis is the residence of a monarch, the … Of, relating to, or characteristic of a major city. To give an example, Henry Fowler, who in collaboration with W.F. An independent clause is a group of words that has a subject and a verb and can stand alone as a complete thought. Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing. Getting rich isn't worth the sacrifice of your principle Metropolis-Hastings sampling (CGMH), a novel approach that addresses sentence generation with constraints. Sentence Structure Practice Game - Practice identifying simple, compound, complex, and compound/complex sentences. "If anything could spoil his temper, it is a day in what he calls the metropolis of Philistinism.". 243794 A recent survey reveals that the population density in the metropolis is decreasing. Cosmopolis definition is - a cosmopolitan city. A global city, also called a power city, world city, alpha city or world center, is a city which is a primary node in the global economic network.The concept comes from geography and urban studies, and the idea that globalization is created and furthered in strategic geographic locales according to a hierarchy of importance to the operation of the global system of finance and trade. Forms of the word “have” can do several different things in English. Since he was trailing behind, the politician decided to concede the election to his opponent. Definition of metropole in the dictionary. orrologion "If anything could spoil his temper, it is a day in what he calls the metropolis of Philistinism.". The term metropolis comes from two Greek words meter and polis, or "mother-city." What does metropolitan mean? There are lots of ways you can exploit this capability. As long as we don't overwhelm the reader with too much information at one time, a double or triple appositive can be an effective way of adding supplementary details to a sentence. Metropolis (1927 film) was one of the good articles, but it has been removed from the list.There are suggestions below for improving the article to meet the good article criteria.Once these issues have been addressed, the article can be renominated.Editors may also seek a reassessment of the decision if they believe there was a mistake. metropolis meaning: 1. a very large city, often the most important city in a large area or country: 2. a very large…. 2. When her house was invaded, Penelope had to think of ways to delay her remarriage. 2016), CGMH directly samples from the sentence space using the Metropolis-Hastings (MH) algorithm (Metropolis et al. A simple sentence contains only one independent clause. 3. Sad, spent, squalid—this is the metropolis. How to use Metropolis in a sentence as a noun "It almost seems like San Francisco has a huge aversion to becoming a metropolis, but the problem is that the … metropolis definition is - the chief or capital city of a country, state, or region. So you have learned the difference between a metaphor and simile or how to distinguish a transitive from an intransitive verb with the help of YourDictionary’s Grammar section. The wedding photographer went out of his way to capture all the momentous moments of my wedding day. The sacrifice of time is the costliest of all sacrifices. It was the future metropolis of the world. 161+9 sentence examples: 1. Saint Petersburg, a city of almost five-million people, Russia's second-largest and northernmost metropolis, was designed three centuries ago by Peter the Great. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples How to use metropolis in a sentence. Another word for metropolis. Information and translations of metropole in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. 4. It was a momentous occasion when the development team finished the project on time. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Metropolis" in Example Sentences Each page has up to 50 sentences. CGMH is a sampling based model for constrained sentence generation, which can be used in keyword-to-sentence generation, paraphrase, sentence correction and many other tasks. Metropolitan definition: Metropolitan means belonging to or typical of a large busy city. Do you think the losing team will throw in the towel and concede the game soon? CM The Puritans. Vespasian marched against "Gadara," which he calls the metropolis of. What does metropole mean? After John beat me at chess five times, I had to concede he was the better player. Learn more. For Kara, the prom was one of the most momentous events of her life. Edited by Tj8rocks: Even with a map, he was lost in the large metropolis. Tweet. An example of a metropolis is Manhattan, New York. A simple sentence can be very short, but some are long too, so long as they only have one subject-verb combination. Example Articles & Resources. Metropolis definition is - the chief or capital city of a country, state, or region. Metropolis; 1. MH is an Here is an example. Metropolis definition: A metropolis is the largest, busiest , and most important city in a country or region. Metropolis Super Zoo Chapter 555: : I support you Author: Flying fox Genre: Other UpdateTime: 2020-12-24 17:06:54 "Let's talk about it, I also want to know why they all deserve to die!" Sentences with audio are listed first. Use "metropolis" in a sentence. The mean of the numbers 2,3,4 is 3. Example sentences using metropolis. Examples. Sometimes, you want a result without showing the user that you used R to get it. However, to cement your learning, and see theory in practice, nothing beats some good ol’ … 4. 2. 3. touch the soul of the heart not sacrifice. This 3-sentence structure can be used to address any question, and it relates more closely to what you will argue in the main body paragraphs. How to use metropolis in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. [Quia quiz in Rags to Riches format] Collected Essays, Volume V Science and Christian Tradition: Essays I'll try to update with an example of metropolis hastings later. Examples of Momentous in a sentence. Metropolis in a sentence. See more. Differ-ent from previous sentence samplers working in the varia-tional latent space (Bowman et al. Examples. In this paper, we propose Constrained Generation by Metropolis-Hastings sampling (CGMH), a novel approach that addresses sentence generation with constraints. These kinds of sentences have only one independent clause , and they don't contain any subordinate clauses . The term metropolis comes from two Greek words meter and polis, or "mother-city.". Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #4: The Power of Words and Rhetoric in 1984 Rhetoric, words, and language have enormous power in this society.Consider the phrase, “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength” as well as the fact that the state … Faviel took the first contract of the GIPR, was a successful resident railway engineer in England. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples A simple sentence is also the shortest possible sentence; it can have as little as two words! Metropolis used in a sentence. Metropolitan definition, of, noting, or characteristic of a metropolis or its inhabitants, especially in culture, sophistication, or in accepting and combining a wide variety of people, ideas, etc. 2. Every metropolis has its staff of officials. The metropolis has been scorched by the dragon’s fiery breath. Running example for parahrase: (All rejected proposal is omitted) How to use metropolis in a sentence. Sentence with the word Metropolis. An important part of academic writing, the clincher statement resolves whatever questions or claims were previously put forth. Meaning of metropole. Overall, a simple sentence is exactly what it sounds like—simple! Sentence Definitions: Simple-Compound-Complex - In this game choose the correct term or punctuation mark that fits in the sentence that deals with simple, compound, or complex sentences. Evaluating and Inserting R Code in a Sentence. Not every sentence that contains a form of “have” or “be” is passive.

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