Record Service Hours


Click this link to understand why units should be logging there service hours:

The council logs all Eagle project and OA project service hours.  It is up to the individual unit to log its service hours.

How to log unit service hours.

  1. You will need your Unit ID # to create an account to log your unit’s service hours.  You will get the Unit ID # from your Unit Commissioner.  This number is not your unit # but a special ID number assigned to each unit for internet access.  You may see this Unit ID # when you process online advancement.
  2. You need to register your unit to log your service hours at:

  1. select “I agree”
  2. complete the registration input boxes about your unit.
  3. The unit # should be 4 digits. Example: Troop 19 would be entered as 0019
  4. After you register you will be sent to the page to review past entered projects or log new projects. You do not need to enter Eagle projects because the council does this for you.
  5. To return to the log-in page be sure to save this address as a favorite:


Each unit should designate one individual to log service hours. Let’s get credit for the great service projects we support by reporting them.