Save Fall Round Up

All hands on deck as we work together to invite every family to Scouting and help to re-establish normal routines in healthy environments.

We are coordinating all units to hold a sign-up event at your meeting location on Saturday, November 17th, 9:00am – 11:00am.

Each pack is responsible for:

Handing out 100 “Join Cub Scouts” invitations


Placing 3 yard signs (or more!) at your meeting location

– Arranging at least 1 store-front recruitment (combine with Popcorn sale)

– Ask parents to utilize Social Media accounts to share Cub Scouting videos and personal stories, add a “Join Cub Scouts” frame to profile photo

Our Council volunteers and staff are coordinating with Schools, local news outlets, and providing materials to units.

Let’s work together and grow Scouting! Reach out to your District Executive for more information